Sunday, December 09, 2012

My week in snippets and photos

It was my prelim examinations last Thursday and Friday, so I was just basically reviewing the entire week. Thanks to mommy for giving me these supplies which actually helped me to get through the wee hours just to study and if you are wondering, no, I did not consume everything in one sitting!

Then came Friday, ate out with friends. Ohai, Nanot`s pizza, you kept us waiting for like 30 minutes!

Last week, Carlo requested that I make kwek-kwek for my Saturday cooking, but something happened, he had these rashes last Tuesday and then the doctor advised that he should not eat chicken, seafood, egg, chocolates, etc., for a week so as not to trigger whatever ``allergy`` he has. So, I just decided to make some  graham cake topped with Crunch bits and pink flowers because I am so gaaayyyy!!! :))

Side story:

Scenario: Carl and I are devouring the graham cake. Looks like he wants to eat the chocolate on top.

Me: go ahead. (though he's really not allowed to it but yeah, i can be lenient sometimes)

Carl: *thinking* nah, i have to respect the doctor's order.

Hahaha. Kyot-kyot!

Mommy was so busy today so I offered to cook for our lunch. Yes, you are reading it right! I finally learned how to cook a decent dish! Yay, beef broccoli! This viand reminds me so much of my dad, he will surely be proud of me, haha! Also, pwede na ko mag-asawaaa!!!:))

I rarely post my photo because I just don`t feel like it, but since my hair looked extra nice today, hullo mirror shot foreverrrr!!!

Carl, you so big na! You even called your get-up as the ``binata porma``, hihi! You so gwapo, anak! Mommy loves you so much!!! Do not grow up too fast!!!

Went to my goddaughter, Daney`s party today, and this was the only photo I had taken, such a fail moment for my photography career, chause! :))

Hoping that this coming week will be wonderful. Positivity and happiness, you are so welcome in my life! :D


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