Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shasha's 2013 Bucket List

  1. do well in school
  2. build a blanket fort with Carl
  3. participate in the Prayer and Fasting at church
  4. make mommy and my son proud
  5. blog more
  6. read 20 books or more
  7. spend a day watching Miyazaki movies
  8. be more adventurous
  9. fly a paper lantern
  10. learn how to cook caldereta and kare-kare
  11. cook more
  12. have a pet
  13. make more mixtapes
  14. redecorate my room
  15. have fairy lights in my room
  16. attend a conference
  17. go on a roadtrip with friends
  18. eat at Arabela and write about it :)
  19. have a reunion with my loved ones
  20. stargaze
  21. learn html and css
  22. meet an internet friend in person
  23. save for a new gadget
  24. have cookies and milk party
  25. take more photos
  26. get balloons on my 30th birthday.
  27. go on a picnic
  28. get my own domain name
  29. continue being happy
  30. fall in love (?)


Anonymous said...

Go Go Go Girl! :)

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