Thursday, June 30, 2011

an appreciation post

Mommy has been very supportive of me on this not so new path that I am taking. Ah, what is blessed? All my life, she has been there for me in every step of the way. It means so much having her around knowing that our little boy feels loved, well taken cared of and secured while I am at school. In between classes, she would check on me, she would encourage me and remind me to always take care of myself, she would express how proud she is whenever I ace a quiz or had done a good job in reporting. It feels like 2001 all over again, only this time, we are more vocal of our innermost feelings, which is good, yes? I love yous and thank yous are good for the heart and the soul. Every day, we would talk about how our day went (mostly, over a good laugh) and you know what I had realized? As I grow older, the more I enjoy the company of my mom. :)

One time, you had asked about the content of my blog and I just brushed the question off, I know it's just full of nonsensical stuff that you would care less to read, but hey momma, I know this entry will make your eyes hmmm wet. So there, thank you for EVEEERRRYYYTTTHHHIIINNNGGGG, you are an amazing woman. I love you to the moon and back! Mwaaaaah!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

lunch of the champs

Yesterday, Carlo was telling us how much he wants to eat baby back ribs. Like, he really expressed it an manner that made me LOL, he said, Mommy, natatakam talaga ako sa baby back ribs, hrhr, this kid!

In other news, I was craving for tacos for days already, but I tend to eat A LOT (by a lot, I mean 6 tacos, k?) of it, so I told mommy last week that may be she should stop serving that to us for the meantime, but since my taste buds were crying out loud for tacos, I decided to lift the ban and stuff my face with these Mexican pieces of happiez.

~happiness on a plate: baby back ribs and tacos~

Ah, you see how mommy loves us? Buuurrrrpppp! :)

My 26 hrs in bullets:

  • slept at around 12.30am because I was monitoring DepEd and Ched`s announcement on the suspension of classes on twitter
  • needed to pee (lol, tmi) at around 6am and never got the chance to go back to dreamland anymore
  • so I had my breakfast already
  • I can`t believe I actually have super extra time to spend in front of tutu
  • I felt sleep deprived though I really tried my best to doze off again
  • but yeah, I fail
  • and I ended up texting my classmates whether they would go to school today or not
  • ugh, this weather is just so fine to stay on bed the entire day
  • I kept on hitting the refresh button for updates about Falcon
  • and it looks like my school really doesn`t have any intention to put off today`s classes
  • did the laundry despite the rain
  • because I want to be productive, like that
  • mommy served pork sinigang and sinangag for brunch which is just perfect for today`s cuddle weather
  • half-heartedly took a bath because it`s cold and I really just wanna stay home
  • yes, I donat want to go to school today!
  • the rain poured so hard and that`s it! 
  • the decision has been made, summady`s spending Friday afternoon at the comfort of her home
  • I had rewritten my assignment in Statistics just because
  • made some revisions about my presentation on P.E.
  • at around 3pm, ze school had finally announced that classes are officially suspended
  • yey! saved by the bell
  • ran some errands
  • went to the bookshop to buy blank discs and folders
  • encoded and researched a lot of stuff for my project on P.E.
  • tummy ached so badly and this mommy felt so grouchy
  • when the pain subsided
  • I decided to start on my Adler report
  • this subject is getting too interesting and exciting
  • dear Lord, to please not let Adler appear on my dream tonight
  • lol, but his face is like reappearing on my thoughts now
  • this is scary
  • I realized that I haven`t had my needed quota of laughter for the day
  • so I went to mommy and our convo was just crazy hilarious
  • Carlo was in a bad mood that he scratched tutu with his lego brick :(
  • I crey
  • no, not really
  • course he said sarreh
  • practiced my stalking skills, ha, I really know my way on the innernetz
  • I may have accomplished a lot of school related stuff today
  • but I feel kind of sad that I did not have the chance to snuggle nor even watch a movie with my boy
  • will make up for that later, promise!
  • good night!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi! I am still alive!

Since I'm back to schooling, I don't have much time to dick around the innernetz. I must say that I miss the bum life, I miss being a full time mom to Carlo but I know there are greater rewards waiting for me once I finish my degree. I may be 9 years behind my classmates, but hey, this woman is coping up really well. :)

School had been fun despite all the reports and the catching up I have to do with Statistics. It's also nice to deal with different people, some are just hmmkay but I am mostly surrounded with human beings that are just oh so witty. Ha, they make me feel like I am 17 again, only wiser and armored with the teachings of life.

I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me to pursue my studies and with all my might, I will do my best in my round 2 in college. With the love and support showered to me by Carlo and mommy and the guidance from the Lord and daddy, I know errthang will just work out fine. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Eh nasa mood ako kanina, naisipan ko ng ayusin ang ~study area~ ko, tutal naman next week na yung pasukan eh. Sa wakas, natanggal ko na din yung malaking monitor diyan sa computer desk na yan na talaga namang malaking sagabal na (sorry na, alam ko matagal ka din namin napakanibangan, pero kase naman kelangan mo na talagang mamahinga eh). Kaya yun, naipasok ko na yung mga libro ko sa kwarto na matagal ng nakaimbak lamang sa cabinet sa may balkon, masaya kase ko kapag nakikita ko yung mga libro ko, siguro ganon din yung pakiramdam mo no? Oo na, dumaan ako sa Twilight Saga phase, sorry na! Past is past naman na diba? ;)
Yun nga, diyan ko binabalak mag-gugol ng oras kapag may mga kelangan ako gawing pagbabackread sa tumblr mga takda, reports or kung anu-anong school related stuff. Heh, 5 araw na lang, matapos ang 9 na taon, magbabalik ako sa pag-aaral. Kumakabog ang dibdib ko, magkahalong excitement at takot, lungkot pati kase alam ko mababawasan na ang oras ko ke Carlo, pero di bale, para sa kanya naman ‘to eh. Mabilis lang naman ang panahon, mamumukat-mukat namin, tapos ko na din ‘to. :)
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