Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Daddy,

It must have been your 61st today, but yeah, things did not go well according to what we really wanted. Happy birthday, Daddy! I super miss you today because tomorrow I’ll be turning 27 already and it feels just like a void not having you around. For the last 26 years, you were always there to make sure we have plans for our back to back celebrations. Our birthdays have always been fun up until the last time that we celebrated it and you were under medication already. See, dad, this would be my first birthday that you are not here and yeah, I must admit that until now, it makes me cry bucket of tears whenever I long for you.

Daddy, I could not wish anything more for you because I know that you are already happy wherever you are. I know my life will go on but in every year that I turn a year older, always know that your Shasha is silently wishing to see you, hold you, hear you and be with you again in another lifetime.

I love you and I miss you every day!
Happy birthday, daddy!

P.S. I chose this photo of yours because I miss the times when we sing together while you play the guitar.Those were the days. Those were the good times that we had. The good times, dad.

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