Thursday, January 31, 2013

  1. MAC Archie’s Girls Collection Lipsticks
  2. Earth Tone Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Couch/Bed
  4. Bag Tag
  5. A set of children’s books for the quaint soulLittle Women, Louisa May Alcott, The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett,  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hipster Wannabe/Girly Inspired Bedroom

Last Thursday, I moved to my late Lola's room downstairs, if you are wondering if I am not even scared of the thought that she had stayed here in this very room for years, well, no, definitely not! And because I am so proud of what it had turned out to, I am sharing photos to you, dear reader. :)

I've always wanted to have a photo wall and I am so giddy to finally have one, yiiiii!!!
Photos I got from tumblr, pinterest, and some of my favorite bloggers.

 I got this online and then I turned it into an HP pennant banner because I am such a fan, 
isn't it so cute? Hihi. :3

I had this cork board for 5 years already. Apparently, I am turning 30 this year and I still have these stuffed toys with me, those 2 big bears for 11 years and those Trolls had been with me since I was 9 years old, I am just a very sentimental person, you see?

Kristal, a good friend of mine surprised me last Monday with a dreamcatcher that she had made. The rest are bits and pieces of  some pretty things that I love.

This area is where we can sit while watching movies and those pompoms were made by my friends Kyang and Cha-Anne, so purdy! 

My books finally have a decent home; I bet they are as happy as I am. 
This is my study area/internet haven.

This is how it looks like at night, fairy lights coming sooooonnn!!!!

P.S. Thank you Kristal, Cha-Anne, and Tim for helping me out! We have a larger tambayan already! Yeeyyy!!!

P.P.S. I had finally convinced Carl to share this room with me, so double yeeeyyyy for that! :)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

  1. Pitch Perfect - Hip, fun, wicked, plus Anna Kendrick is so flawless!!! 
  2. The Carrie Diaries - I am a Bradshaw fan and I really had waited so long for this series and now that it's airing already, I can't help but squeee, hihihi. AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler are so cute together! Also, I had realized that I can't seem to let go of the teenybopper in me. :3
  3. Silver Linings Playbook - It's been quite some time since I had watched something with a lot of substance and so much emotion. The actors are so brilliant! Bradley and Jennifer (yes, first name basis because we're close, like that, hahaha) has an undeniable chemistry. Robert De Niro is also part of the movie, I love him to bits! You have to see it! It's a psychological, drama, romantic, and comedy film. Truly worth your time! I am giving it 5 stars. :D
  4. Valentina Design 
  5. Typewriter 
  6. Sweatshirt

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happiness, Positivity, and Productivity

To do something that you love is an opportunity to explore your horizons, grow as a person, and appreciate the beauty of life. Though sleep deprived most of the time, there's this sense of happiness that I feel whenever I get to do the things that I enjoy doing, like:
  • cooking for my loved ones
  • seeing them enjoy what I cooked for them
  • taking photos (90% of which is food)
  • spending quality time with Carlo
  • talking to my mom about how great Jesus is
  • expressing myself through this platform
  • stimulating my mind through books that I read before hitting the sack
  • listening to good music
  • singing with all my heart even if I am out of tune
  • volunteering at church
  • meeting wonderful people
  • feeling giddy deep inside whenever I see my happy crush
  • going old school with my journal
  • collecting things that I will be using for my room project
  • watching good movies/series
  • being immensely attached to the 90s
  • laughing with my friends
  • sharing stories to them
  • listening to their stories
  • praying without ceasing
  • being in love with life
  • thinking of happy thoughts
  • looking forward to greater things :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Favorite Bible Verses

Impromptu Cookies and Milk Party

My cousins stayed over after our Lola's pasiyam yesterday, and while my brother was having a good time with his beer and a box of tacos, I went to the grocery to buy milk and cookies for our spur of the moment party. I just wish I have vintage jars so it would be cooler, but it's fine, the kids had a great time, and surprisingly, I did too! So there, I can cross this one off my 2013 Bucket List, yay!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Food, Friends, and Fun

I am blessed to have friends who go for simple, clean fun adventures, and yes by adventures I mean food tripping, laughter and good talk. So today, I decided to prepare Mexican-Italian treats for them because I am a very hospitable hostess, LOL! Oh, Pamey, look what you had missed, awww! :P

homemade pizza, my ever mabentang tacos, and nachos

It is very simple to make, but I am still sharing it anyway. :)


taco shells/nachos
3/4 kg ground pork
tomato sauce
Magic Sarap ;)
tomatoes (chopped, remove seeds)
cabbage (blanched)
white onions (chopped)
cheese (grated)
Magnolia Cheese Squeeze
hot sauce (optional)
olives (optional)

  1. In a pan, add oil, saute onions, add the ground pork.
  2. Let it simmer.
  3. Add about 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste, and oh, don't forget the Magic Sarap, LOL.
  5. Place in taco shells then layer it with the cabbage, tomatoes, onions, olives, and cheese. :)
  6. Top it with the cheese sauce if you want it cheesier or hot sauce if you like it spicy. Your choice. ;)
Note: Same ingredients and procedures apply for the Nachos too!

Let's see what I'll be cooking next time. Yay!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paalam, Lola!

Bale, kanina nga pala yung libing ng Lola Ona ko, iba't-iba yung naramdaman ko habang nagmimisa yung pari. Naalala ko, hindi ako umiyak nung ibinalita sakin nung nakaraang linggo na pumanaw na siya. Hindi na din kasi ko nagulat. Labas-masok na din kasi siya sa ospital, mahina na, madami ng nararamdaman at 96 na gulang na din  naman na ang lola. Sa 7 araw na nakaburol siya, hindi pa din ako umiyak, hindi dahil sa bato ang puso ko, katwiran ko kasi masaya na siya ngayon kasama ang lolo, ang tatay ko, at ang mga tiyuhin ko. Bukod dun, masayang makitang nagbuklod-buklod ang mga kamaganakan namin na siguradong ikinasaya naman ng lola ko. Kanina, bigla na lang ako nalungkot at nagsimulang lumuha. Naalala ko yung mga pagkakataong nakasama ko siya, bagamat hindi man niya ko pinalaki kagaya ng iba kong mga pinsan, lola ko siya, ina siya ng ama ko at alam naming mahal namin ang isa't isa. Kanina pinagmamasdan ko din yung mga tiyahin at tiyuhin ko at nasambit ko sa sarili ko na napakaayos ng pagpapalaki ni lola sa kanila, mabubuti silang tao. Namangha din ako sa pagbibigay nila ng huling respeto kay lola, sadyang isa siyang spoiled na lola. Dati kasi nung namatay si FPJ, nabanggit niya na pag pumanaw siya, gusto niya na naka-karwahe siya at me moseko na kasama, ayun, tinupad nila yun, pihado iba ang galak nun ngayon. Napakadaming nakiramay, naglakad kami ng 1 1/2 oras mula kapilya hanggang sementeryo. Nakakapagod, oo, pero malaking pasasalamat na nandun ang mga kaibigan kong kuntodo effort sa pagsama sakin, pakiramdam ko parte na din sila ng pamilya ko.

Napakadami kong mamimiss kay lola, yung pagluluto siya ng picadillo at tocino steak. Yung kumakain pa lang ng almusal, iniisip na agad ang kakainin para sa tanghalian. Yung pagiging metikulosa at madiwara niya. Yung pagiging maasikaso at maaalalahanin niya. Yung tuwing kaarawan ko na may pancit ng Columbia at fried chicken sa lamesa. Yung paghawak namin ng kamay habang nagkukwentuhan. Yung likas niyang pagiging masiyahin at mabiro. Nakakamiss ang ingay sa unang gabing alam kong hindi ka na babalik, pero lola, I will take comfort in knowing that you are in a better place already. Mahal na mahal kita. Hanggang sa muli!

  1. convertible couch
  2. cozy porch
  3. book staircase
  4. ramen spoon and fork
  5. pretty, vintage plates

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Swedish Meatballs and Pasta


for the meatballs:

3/4 kg of ground pork (which can make about 25 meatballs)
2 onions (minced)
1 small carrot (minced)
salt and pepper to taste
1 beaten egg

for the gravy:

McCormick mushoom gravy
3 tablespoons of butter
1 small onion (minced)
3 cloves of garlic (crushed)
1 small can of mushroom (sliced)

spaghetti noodles


for the meatballs:
  1. Mix the pork, carrots, onions, salt and pepper.
  2. Form into balls.
  3. Roll each into the flour.
  4. Dip in the bowl of beaten egg.
  5. Coat evenly with the breadcrumbs.
  6. Deep fry. Pierce each meatballs with the tip of a knife so that the insides will be cooked.
  7. Set aside.
for the gravy/sauce:

  1. Boil 2 1/2 cups of water.
  2. Pour in the gravy mix.
  3. Stir, stir, stir until there are no lumps already.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of butter.
  1. On another pan, saute the onions and garlic in butter.
  2. Add the mushrooms, saute, saute, saute.
  3. Pour it in the gravy mix that you had made earlier. :)
  4. Put in the meatballs that you had fried, let it simmer for about 5 mins, it should pretty much look like this:

Oh, it's also perfect with rice, believe me! ;)

for the noodles:
  1. Boil water, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of oil.
  2. Add the noodles, cook for about 10-12 minutes, you want it al dente, yes?
  3. Drain.

Toss the noodles, add some sauce, top it with ze meatballs and sliced cheese. :)
Happy eating! :D

Friday, January 11, 2013

My week of mixed emotions

I had been in a roller coaster ride of emotions this week, some days were happy and overwhelming, other days were sad and painful, but you know what's the best of it all? God has remained faithful to me.
  • It is the Prayer and Fasting week, at first I had doubted myself that I can last until Day 5, but yay! Happy breaking of the fast, you guys! We made it through God's grace!
  • I am so grateful for my friend and prayer partner, Ven because we stood by each other until the end. Oh, I rhymed! Hrhr!
  • I was kind of discouraged for a while about the revisions of my thesis, but no, wallowing about it won't do any good, so I immediately edited it and had finally passed it to Dean. :)
  • Reconciliation with a loved one.
  • Stronger bond with Mommy and Carlo.
  • Laughter with friends.
  • Lola passed away at 97 last Thursday; it was indeed a life well spent. I am comforted in knowing that she is free from all the pain and that she is already with our Creator.
  • I appreciate the church and the Pastors for reaching out to my family in this time of grief.
  • Whenever I see you and hear you speak, I can't help but be amazed on how wonderful  you are.
  • Ah, you have no idea!
  • And with that, I will pray without ceasing and anticipate God's faithfulness.
  • because you know what? 2013 is my year!!! :D

Thursday, January 10, 2013

  1. Prayer and Fasting - We are on our Day 4 and it is exciting  and it is indeed a life changing experience! I am glad to be a part of it. I believe God will do amazing things this 2013!
  2. VCF U-Belt Day 1 P and F - This photo gave me goosebumps! I am in awe on what Jesus has been doing in the campuses and the lives of these people. I miss U-Belt!!!
  3. Planetshakers
  4. Bedroom Peg - I still want lights and lots of photos in our room.
  5. Le Petit Prince Journal - I turned this into my devotional journal for 2013 and I commit to write my thoughts here religiously.
  6. Vince's Life Books 2 and 3 - LOL, I felt like I was hyperventilating when I saw these on the shelf of Book Sale because a) I had been looking for these copies for so long and b) Vince is my favorite Pinoy Cosmo Book character. Haha.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Song of the Now: Rise

All the earth come alive
Lift your eyes to the morning
Let our hearts beat again
With a lifeblood that never fails
Your love it will never fail

Breaking down the divide in a holy collision
The divine in disguise
Took the cross for our sin and shame
Our God You will never fail

See the lost in return
Swing the doors ever wider
See the tide as it turns
Love and mercy is on the rise
As the world folds into Your light
All creation will see Your light

Hear the sound of freedom rise
As our song breaks the silence
Echoing the angel cry
Let us lift up Your holy Name
Hereafter to sing Your praise
Forever and ever

We will hold, we will love
We will fall in surrender
We will rise, we will run
We will live to declare Your Name
Forever to bring You praise
Forever we’ll lift up Your Name

The universe on its knees
See the stars in surrender
God above kings and queens
Every idol will bend and break
But our God You will never fail
Forever and ever

We will hold, we will love
We will fall in surrender
We will rise, we will run
We will live to declare Your Name
Forever to bring You praise
Jesus, Jesus
We will hold, we will love
We will fall in surrender
We will rise, we will run
We will live to declare Your Name
Forever to bring You praise
Forever we’ll lift up Your Name

Swing the doors wider
Sound the praise louder
All our hearts cry out
For the glory of Your Name
Our God You will never fail

Lift the Name higher
Shine the light brighter
All the earth cry out
For the glory of Your Name
Our God You will never fail

We will hold, we will love
We will fall in surrender
We will rise, we will run
We will live to declare Your Name
Forever to bring You praise

Swing the doors wider
Sound the praise louder
All our hearts cry out
For the glory of Your Name
Our God You will never fail
Jesus, Jesus
Lift the Name higher
Shine the light brighter
All the earth cry out
For the glory of Your Name
Our God You will never fail
Forever we'll lift up Your Name

Monday in bullets

  • back to school
  • so glad to see my friends
  • non-stop chikahan
  • received gifts from Kath and Cha
  • I finally have the Books 2 and 3 of Vince's Life after looking for it for so long
  • ah, it happens when you least expect it
  • I wish I can read it over the weekend
  • Nestle im'd me on facebook that they had posted the photos that I had submitted to them
  • so overwhelmed with the number of likes and comments of those asking for the recipes
  • thank you, guys!
  • I am so kilegs, as always!
  • yay! happy crush!
  • define quota! :D ^_^
  • today, I am so hopeful
  • and driven
  • and grateful
  • and giddy. so giddy!!!
  • met new people :)
  • signed up the communications or the creative ministry
  • excited for my new Victory Group
  • printed a portion of my thesis
  • LOL, been hitting F5 from time to time
  • I am thankful to have a friend who is a nocturnal because I have someone to share this kileg feeling with, hai Pamey!
  • I hope I can write lengthy posts just like before
  • or cook something on Saturday
  • oh, I smell pizza somewhere
  • and yes, bullets saved the day! :)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Prayers and Thoughts on Falling in Love of a Single Mom

I had learned way before that when you pray, you pray for specific things. I cannot recall the last time I had prayed for that someone to come into my life and brush me off my feet, someone that the Lord has prepared for me, someone who will accept me for who I am, someone who will love Carlo as his own, someone whom I can walk hand in hand with in faith with the Lord, someone who will draw me closer not to him, but to God. I had stopped praying for those things. I had stopped because I felt like it shouldn't be a priority and it may sound as a cliché, but yeah, love can wait.

I had never taken being in love so seriously since time immemorial, not because I had been bruised and all, maybe, with age comes more patience? Maybe I had learned to master the art of waiting? Or maybe I am left with no choice at all? Friends told me that I deserve to love and be loved again. Yeah, I thought so. And today, after a long, long, long time, I realized that it would be nice to have someone by your side. It would be fun to cook for someone, to have movie nights with, to hang out in a bookstore with or just simply to love, and to hold.

It would take a brave man to pursue me, but I know he is just out there. I know like me, he is also waiting for our paths to cross. Maybe one day, in God's perfect time, all the years we had waited will be worth it. I think I should start praying for you again, be hopeful and be delighted in knowing that Jesus wants the best for me. :D

Saturday, January 05, 2013

It's a creamy kind of Saturday

It was around 1 am when I SMS'd my mom that I want to cook for today's lunch. The next thing I knew, I was giving her the ingredients already. It was so random! I was just so hungry and was craving for something creamy, meh! Presenting my creamy chicken fillet with bacon bits (as usual) and love. :)


8 pcs. of chicken breasts
1 small tetra pack of Nestle cream
1 small can of evaporated milk
1 small can of sliced mushroom (drained)
4 cloves of garlic (crushed)
1 onion (minced)
2 slices of Anchor pasteurized cheese
bacon bits
cooking oil
aluminum foil
Magic Sarap
Taylor Swift's Red album in the background :D


For the chicken:
  1. Season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, and Magic Sarap (:D). 
  2. Sear the chicken for about 8 minutes on each side.
  3. Cover it with an aluminum foil and let it rest for about 5 minutes.
For the sauce:
  1. Saute the garlic and onions in 1 1/2 tablespoons of margarine.
  2. Add the mushroom. Mix, mix, mix!
  3. Pour the milk.
  4. Pour the Nestle Cream. Mix, mix, mix! ;)
  5. Add some salt to taste.
  6. Add the 2 slices of cheese and let it melt. You want it creamy, yes?
  7. Add your chicken.
  8. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  9. Top it with bacon bits.
  10. Nomnomnomz! :)
Since there is an extra amount of sauce left and we have noodles in the fridge, why not hit two birds with one stone? So yes, I made some chicken carbonora which is perfect to satisfy my Saturday creamy craving adventure.

Toss the noodles into the sauce, plate it, top it with chicken fillet, and bacon. :)

Until my next recipe, you guys!


Thursday, January 03, 2013

  1. Media Noche - It's the first time in my adult life that I had been in charge of the kitchen for the New Year's eve celebration and I am so proud of myself that I had done it with flying colors because Carl, Mommy, and my cousins loved everything that I had prepared! :)
  2. Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge - I had challenged myself to read 20 books this year which I know is attainable despite of my busy schedule, but to read more that will be so much fun to do!
  3. MixTape USB Stick - The packaging is brilliant! I would love to receive these, and hello? MIXTAPES make me so happy! And giddy! 
  4. The Little Prince Wallet - I am not a wallet person, but this one is so cute!!! You know, there is always an exception to the rule. ;)
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