Thursday, January 10, 2013

  1. Prayer and Fasting - We are on our Day 4 and it is exciting  and it is indeed a life changing experience! I am glad to be a part of it. I believe God will do amazing things this 2013!
  2. VCF U-Belt Day 1 P and F - This photo gave me goosebumps! I am in awe on what Jesus has been doing in the campuses and the lives of these people. I miss U-Belt!!!
  3. Planetshakers
  4. Bedroom Peg - I still want lights and lots of photos in our room.
  5. Le Petit Prince Journal - I turned this into my devotional journal for 2013 and I commit to write my thoughts here religiously.
  6. Vince's Life Books 2 and 3 - LOL, I felt like I was hyperventilating when I saw these on the shelf of Book Sale because a) I had been looking for these copies for so long and b) Vince is my favorite Pinoy Cosmo Book character. Haha.


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