Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Balik-eskwela 101

Bale, nag college entrence exam ako kanina, 72 items tapos 40 mins. sasagutan. Eh sa tanda kong ‘to, siyempre binubusisi ko yung mga tanong kase nga puros tricky at abstract reasoning eh. Tapos nasa #40 na ko, biglang sinabe nung bantay, okay, last 10 mins. Tangena, kinukupal mo ba kami? Anong last 10 mins. eh wala pa atang 30 mins. simula ng mag-umpisa kame? Eh di siyempre wala akong nagawa, pinaspasan ko na ang sagot. Tapos andun na ko sa last 5 items, sabe na naman niya, last 2mins. Eh yung mga bagets nagsisitayuan na para ipasa mga papel nila. Sa isip-isip ko. Mga lecheng ‘to! Hustler! Eh ganto ata pag tumatanda na, bumabagal na sa comprehension, or is it just me? Heh! Eh, sana maipasa ko yun. Ay, oo nga pala, tama intindi mo, babalik ako sa pagaaral.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Minsan nalulungkot ako para ke Carlo

sa mga pagkakataon na dapat tatay ang kasama niya, tulad ng pagpunta sa barbero, ganyan. Pero naiisip ko, kaya binigay sakin tong sitwasyon na ‘to kase alam ng Diyos na kayang-kaya ko maging ina at ama sa kanya.
Pero minsan, inaalala ko pano na pagdating ng araw na kelangan na siyang tuliin, diba dapat lalaki ang magasikaso ng pag-lalanggas nun?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: A Movie Review. NOT REALLY!

It's been years that I have been hearing about this Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist movie. I tried looking for a copy at a nearby dvd haven in Quiapo but there wasn't any. HBO has shown it too many times but I did not get the chance to see it. Also, I did not know about torrent during that time so yes, (I got it, I'm such a loser) I waited for more years, glorious years. Not until, a dear friend gave me a link to this movie and told me to watch it and I was like, yes, yes, yes, I think it's about time, I think now is the perfect time to finally see this and so I did. :)

There's nothing so grand about this flick, it's simple, fun, refreshing, music packed and will make you feel giddy and delighted all at the same time. Also, I am really not good with reviews, so, to please calm yo tits rolling eyes! I just wanna share with you what movie I had seen lately and you might wanna check it out and feel good after. Moving on, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is filled with likeable characters, for the win punchlines and its soundtrack, OMG, the soundtrack is just so awesome, so hipster~ in fact, it's currently playing in the background as I spill my thoughts here, I just can't get over it, yay?

And, it's only now that I get to appreciate the HNNNGGawkwardness that is Michael Cera. :) GOODNESS, SO ADORBZ!

I think, one way or another, music compatibility is important, so to whoever you are reading this, please check my last.fm account (the link is just somewhere there at the sidebar, also, lol for the shameless plug) and see if we can make purdy babies, oh, scratch that! You might be the one, you could be my one and only music soulmate~

P.S. I WISH TO RECEIVE MIXTAPES ~so old school but so full of love. WHUT? High hopes, baby! One day. Someday. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my day in bullets (only this was supposed to be posted last night)

  • 5 hours of sleep ugh!
  • bitch face: ON
  • so there's this guy who's tryna hit on me and my friend
  • and then when he found out that I am friends with A, he tried being nice to me like as if?!
  • Carlo wouldn't let me accompany him inside the school campus :(
  • I tried taking a nap at past 2pm
  • I fail because my fone... my fone kept on ringing
  • by past 3, I was dumbfounded when I saw the news on tv, massive earthquake hit Japan, Indonesia and China
  • checked the innernetz on the latest pictures and videos about it
  • my heart sunk upon seeing the actual and the aftermath photos on what happened to the land of the rising sun
  • subconsciously, I was praying that the Philippines would be spared because we were included in the level 2 tsunami alert
  • memories of the July 1990 earthquake came rushing back to me, the terror I felt back when I was 7 is still vivid on my mind
  • cleaned the house while listening to the latest updates
  • well, in other news, it's elimination night on American Idol
  • Ashton was sent home
  • I miss pig-out nights with Carlo
  • by 9, went to bed

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Two years ago, I discovered about polyvore, a virtual closet-interior designing-artsy farty-social networking site. And guess what? I fell in love instantly with it. I actually felt my creative juices overflowing the moment I set my eyes on the lovely creations of my fellow users. Since I once dreamed of being a stylist, this site can help me enhance the fashion sense which I believe is innate (at some degrees and different genres as I may put it) in each one of us. It updates you on the latest and hottest trends all over the world. It gives you the chance to mix and match pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, high-end stuff you fancy about. 

So, lemme show you some of the sets I had made a.k.a.please, please let me have all these beautiful things!!! Greediness at its finest? Heh!

Interesting, yes? My imagination flies to New York, Hollywood, Paris, Santorini, Santa Fe, San Tropez and even at a local bookstore or coffee shop whenever I let loose of the ideas I have in mind. Cheap thrills brought to me by polyvore.com. :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

So my 7 year old boy is on diet

and I can see that he likes the idea of being healthy though I know, partly, he wants to shed off the extra pounds because he is thrilled to sport the binata hairstyle once his face becomes a litol smaller already. This morning, just when we were about to leave the house for school, he yelled, EXCITED NA KO PUMAYAAAATTTT!!! LOL. He’s on his 4th day and so far I am not hearing any complaints from him. He’s too cooperative; I wanna treat him for a 2pc chicken joy meal with large fries, extra gravy and sundae! K, I KID.
He’s been having cereals, non-fat milk, granola bars, oatmeal cookies, fruits and one cup of rice during lunch and dinner. I hope he’ll learn to eat other veggies soon. I am just so proud of him. Keep up the good work, son! :) Also, yes to a healthy lifestyle! 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Flipped (2010): A Movie Review of Some Sort

This movie is so endearing, so engaging. Makes me look back to my childhood days and think about that first boy who had my heart, no, not really. :P Flipped is so comforting to watch, so charming, so innocent, very light in the heart. It feels so right to have seen it on this lazy Tuesday afternoon when the weather is just so lovely, I wanna marry it. 

"It's one of those movies that everyone can identify with, but it's one of those movies that might just inspire a little good in a world that so desperately needs it. We can thank Juli Baker for those life lessons…" -Rick Florino 

Monday, March 07, 2011

Paul McLovin~

Lately, I've been obsessing over this sexy, talented guy on American Idol. Heee, he has the most gorgeous face I have seen in the last 9 seasons of this show, not to mention his mad singing skills, oh good lawrd, this guy, he makes my heart skip whenever I see him anywhere; and by anywhere, I mean on the interwebs and the television. Hihi. :P 

Ah, look at that smile and the twinkle in his eyes. You see that? No. K. I guess it's just me. Hrhr.

He had me upon hearing his rendition of The Beatles' Blackbird, which by the way is one of my favorite songs. His voice is like sex in my ears. LOLWHUT?

He's on my last.fm

and been tweeting him like crazy also.  

I am rooting for him to bag the American Idol title. His talent is just so superb. He's like a mini-Rod Stewart, only way too hotter. Asking my relatives from the United States to vote Paul McD, just because. :)

P.S. One day, one day you will retweet me. Never say die, self.  

Saturday, March 05, 2011

So it's my mom's birthday and she received an email earlier from my dad who died 17mos. ago.

At first I was like: Okay, daddy, you’re scaring us!
But then I realized, are we in some kind of P.S. I Love You scene?

Happy birthday, mommeh! Daddy surely wants to sweep you off your feet! We love you sew much! 

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