Saturday, March 12, 2011

my day in bullets (only this was supposed to be posted last night)

  • 5 hours of sleep ugh!
  • bitch face: ON
  • so there's this guy who's tryna hit on me and my friend
  • and then when he found out that I am friends with A, he tried being nice to me like as if?!
  • Carlo wouldn't let me accompany him inside the school campus :(
  • I tried taking a nap at past 2pm
  • I fail because my fone... my fone kept on ringing
  • by past 3, I was dumbfounded when I saw the news on tv, massive earthquake hit Japan, Indonesia and China
  • checked the innernetz on the latest pictures and videos about it
  • my heart sunk upon seeing the actual and the aftermath photos on what happened to the land of the rising sun
  • subconsciously, I was praying that the Philippines would be spared because we were included in the level 2 tsunami alert
  • memories of the July 1990 earthquake came rushing back to me, the terror I felt back when I was 7 is still vivid on my mind
  • cleaned the house while listening to the latest updates
  • well, in other news, it's elimination night on American Idol
  • Ashton was sent home
  • I miss pig-out nights with Carlo
  • by 9, went to bed


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