Wednesday, March 09, 2011

So my 7 year old boy is on diet

and I can see that he likes the idea of being healthy though I know, partly, he wants to shed off the extra pounds because he is thrilled to sport the binata hairstyle once his face becomes a litol smaller already. This morning, just when we were about to leave the house for school, he yelled, EXCITED NA KO PUMAYAAAATTTT!!! LOL. He’s on his 4th day and so far I am not hearing any complaints from him. He’s too cooperative; I wanna treat him for a 2pc chicken joy meal with large fries, extra gravy and sundae! K, I KID.
He’s been having cereals, non-fat milk, granola bars, oatmeal cookies, fruits and one cup of rice during lunch and dinner. I hope he’ll learn to eat other veggies soon. I am just so proud of him. Keep up the good work, son! :) Also, yes to a healthy lifestyle! 


charisse said...

haha so cute, I hope mom will do the same too :) peace-love-cha

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