Friday, April 29, 2011

Friendster makes me feel nostalgic

I think this is the only acceptable entry (only it look so gay because it’s color pink and the font is garamond —which was the standard font I use every day at the law firm where I was working before. Okay, why am I even explaining?) that I posted on my friendster blog, the rest were a bunch of blahs! 

A year later, my dad died. What a sad story.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tis summer heat!


For my dearly departed: A Mixtape

I miss pops so I came up with this mixtape. OMG! I was fighting back my tears the whole time I was compiling all the songs here, but, yeah, I am actually not good at it so the inevitable happened, I broke down into tears. Meh. 

Whoever you are reading this, maybe you had also lost a loved one, a dad or maybe a mom? I am sharing you this collection of songs that my dad used to sing and songs that reminds me of him. Maybe at some point, you'll be able to relate to this missing piece that I am feeling. I dunno, I just believe that after all, a daughter wouldn't forget a father's love, it is something I would carry with me for as long as I live.

(In no particular order)
  1. Blackbird - The Beatles
  2. Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
  3. Dance With My Father (girl version)
  4. Dance With My Father - Luther Van Dross
  5. Danny's Song -Loggins and Messina
  6. Father and Son - Cat Stevens
  7. Franco - For My Dearly Departed
  8. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
  9. In My Life - The Beatles
  10. Just The Two Of Us - Bill Withers
  11. Moonriver - Frank Sinatra
  12. Moonshodow - Cat Stevens
  13. Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens
  14. Stay - Carol Banawa
  15. Sunshine On My Shoulder - John Denver
  16. Until I Get Over You - Christina Milian
  17. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
  18. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
  19. Longer Than - Dan Fogelberg
  20. Annie's Song - John Denver
  21. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstong
[click here to download]

Sunday, April 24, 2011


(In no particular order)
  1. Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah
  2. Body Bumpin’ - Public Announcement
  3. Can I Get A Fuck You - Jay Z
  4. Cupid - 112
  5. Dreamlover - Mariah Carey
  6. Each Time - East 17
  7. Freak Me - Silk
  8. Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by Nature
  9. I Want You Back - Mel B ft. Missy Elliot
  10. I Wish - Skee-Lo
  11. Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious BIG, Mase & Puff Daddy
  12. No Diggity - Blackstret ft. Dr. Dre
  13. No Pigeons - Sporty Thieves
  14. No Scrubs - TLC
  15. Only You - 112
  16. Regulate - Warren G.
  17. Romeo and Juliet - Sylk E Fyne
  18. Stroke You Up - Changing Faces
  19. Too Close - Next
  20. Twisted - Keith Sweat
  21. Waterfalls - TLC
  22. Westside - TQ
[click here to download]

Monday, April 18, 2011

the things you do for love~

I love my son, there’s no doubt about it and for as long as I can, I will give him whatever makes him happy. 
But I just hate that whenever I lie down on our bed, I see it and as much as I want to just look somewhere else in the morning, I can’t help but stare at our ceiling and ask myself, why did I even said yes to you when you told me to put it there. Heh! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

La Laguna Festival

Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna | April 11-17
The 1st ever La Laguna Festival is a week long celebration that caters the products and the richness in natural resources of the 26 towns and 4 cities of Laguna. It showcases different activities such as land float competition, fluvial/ parade competition, street dancing, Santacruzan, trade fair, cookfest, fireworks competiton and a whole lot more.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shasha's day in bullets

  • went to school to see the result of the entrance exam I took 2 weeks ago, remember this post?
  • immediately called mommy to tell her bout the good news
  • texted my closest friends and cousins and tweeted about it as well, OMG! I’M IN! GOING BACK TO SCHOOL THIS JUNE! YAY!
  • looked at these kids who seem so naive
  • also, i wondered, do I look that way 10 yrs. ago?
  • almost fell asleep during the orientation that lasted for 2 1/2 hrs.
  • made friends with a 16 year old girl
  • ate bacon sandwich and kwek-kwek at the school canteen, too lazy to go outside
  • I regret not bringing tutu with me, sew bored!
  • waited for another 1 1/2 hrs. for the interviewer
  • filled out too many forms, ah, it’s hard to use a pen again
  • the interviewer seemed to like me, yes, I saw it in her eyes, heh!
  • though at first she was like persuading me to pursue broadcasting. I’m sarreh, maam, but I am already decided, I am shifting to B.S. Psychology
  • went to the different departments in school because I have too many inquiries about this and that and whatevs
  • went to cousin’s house to fetch mommy and Carlo
  • Carlo gave me a kiss and congratulated me, I treated them to McDo
  • I’m just so tired, but so happy! 
  • honestly, I have too many things in mind, but yeah, surely, I am taking a big step in my life and of course, Carlo’s life as well, but hey, this is all worth it! *pats myself on the back* Good job, self! :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

mixtapes and happiness

Remember when I talked about Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? So, after watching the movie, I tweeted that I wish summady would gimme a mixtape, apparently, a friend replied immediately and promised to make me one. LOL, course I got excited like a litol kid. Heee, summady answered my simple wish! You see, it's easy to make me happeh. It was actually a month in the making but its worth the wait. My mixtape arrived today! :)

The playlist is so interesting. So hipster. Feels like I am the lead role in an indie film. Also, look at the album art, I know he took too much effort on it, I loved it! Thank you bb! :)

Hey, stranger, I am sharing some love to you. You can download this mixtape here. Happy listening! :)

motherhood, screencaps and all the love in the world

Last night, Carlo and I watched Tangled (which of course was my choice) inside our little sanctuary. I had made this blanket tent by our bed, prepared chips and cookies, set up the laptop and turned off the light for a more cozy-feel. We pretended like we were somewhere far away from here while eyes were glued on the screen and our hands and mouths were busy digging in to some goodies. :)

I see a glimpse of Carlo's eyes, twinkling; his lips curved into a smile. For a seven year old who is so hooked with WWE, it was such a joy to see that he can stand watching this kind of movie with me. Now honing you to be that guy that the girls out there will love, hihi.

Tangled is so fun to watch, the story of Rapunzel given a new twist. Her prince charming, Flynn Rider is so masculine yet so adorable while Maximus, the horse who has a love and hate relationship with  him has a personality that of a dog, loyal and dedicated to his master (the King). Pascal, the chameleon is so lovable, I wanna take him home! But, I would have to say, there were several scenes that were hilarious enough to make me and my son laugh so hard, like the one at Snuggly Duckling with the Pub Thugs, their performance was so cute, ah, it was so endearing! But two of my most favorite part were when Flynn accompanied Rapunzel to see the lanterns (which for 17 years she thought were stars) being flown in the air, it was so magical! And of course, every fairy tale must come to an end, the part when she was reunited with the King and the Queen after 18 long years was D'aww-est (yuh, I just made up that word (if you can even call it a "word")) moment in the movie. Of course, a fairly tale wouldn't be complete without its famous closing remarks, oh yes, you got it so right! ~And they lived happily ever after.~

Here are some screencaps and hooligans gifs for your health ^_^

Moments like this that I get to spend with my son is just so priceless --wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The laughter I hear from him, the comfort I feel with his company, the appreciation I see from him for everything that I am doing for his welfare down to those Friday nights we get to spend watching wrestling and those times that I can tag him along to watch some princess' motion picture with me. I know one day, you will get to read the oh, so many posts I had made about/for you. And when you do, to please give mommy a warm hug and treat mommy to yet another movie date. I love you, Carlo!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

tv ads, french fries and tears

Since mommy is in Manila, I get to spend more time in front of the television and by television, I mean channel 2's shows from My Princess to Mara Clara. Yesterday, I was so giddy to see that McDonald's has released (without a doubt) yet another adorable advertisement. 

Screencaps for further dose of cuteness:

Later that night, I saw Nestle's latest ad. Okay, this I have to admit, I cried. Yep, I did! What made it more of a tearjerker is the theme song which is Apo's Pag-Ibig, though it could have been greater if they had used the original one, ugh! It's just so full of love, so ideal, so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time (yuh, go figure). 

Yesterday's emotions were like that of these ads, at first I was like, yuh, today is just like no other  steady day with Carlo that we can spend over a fast food meal; not until I received this message on facebook that sortov left me thinking of the shoulda, woulda, coulda's (to please read this for your enlightenment). 

You've seen the later part on that Nestle commercial? Ha, who knows? I might get to spend my middle age-dying years with that one man I am destined to be with. LOL, this single mom is just so hopeful! Spreading love and positivity! ^_^

Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 10: One Confession, August 27, 2010

I was once asked by my cousin if I am already over you and I was left mum about it. They say, you can only tell that you are over someone when you just don’t give a fuck anymore on how he chose to live his life without you.
Last May, I opened your yahoo mail; you still have the same password huh. I know it’s absurd but I was just checking how you have been after everything that has happened, how lame, I know, argh! I know! Then I tried to access your newly made facebook account and voila, you’re also using the same password like the one I gave you for your mail. How idiot can you be? What a pleasant surprise to find out that your relationship status is engaged —darn it! Hrrr, this thing is even harder than I thought. I can not really put into writing how for the nth time… it broke my heart.
I know that I don’t love you anymore. I swear, I do not love you anymore, but after all these years, why can it still hurt so badly? Why do I still feel awful whenever I talk to people about you? Have I really not let go of you yet? —Oh, God, I guess so.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Old school Sunday, circa 2003

I was looking at old photos earlier and this in particular painted a smile on my face. Ha, Ive been always saying that time flies so fast, well especially when you’re a mom and you get to witness the different aspects of changes in your kid. You see, Carlo is such a big bb. Look at his THIGHS AND LEEGGGSSS! Gad, he’s so heavy! My mean brother used to tease him Jabba The Hut, course Carlo doesn’t care not until I showed him a picture of this creature only then he started yelling that I should kill it with fire! Uhm, of course he did not really say that. He just hated how he looked like on this candid shot beside a buddha figurine. It just looks so… what was that again? Yuh, awful, but whatever! I love you, love you, love you!

14 years and counting

A large amount of cheese is written all over this entry, so if you know you might just end up throwing up, I advice you click the close button, right about now!

I hit F5 on the keyboard and got pretty surprised over a text post on my dash, well actually, it's a blog entry from a dear friend. I went on reading and the surge of emotions came through. 
Unang beses tayong nagkakilala nung trese anyos pa tayo. Naaalala ko pa na suot mo yung P.E t-shirt mo nuon. Parehas tayong di kahabaan ang buhok at kasalukuyang pinagdadaanan natin ang masalimuot na puberty stage.
Nagkasundo naman tayo kaagad. Nagpa studio picture pa nga tayo dati. Kahit hindi tayo pumapasok sa parehong eskwelahan nagawan naman naten ng paraan yun. Hindi pa nga uso ang text at unli call dati. May landline naman kaya pag biyernes at sabado hotline ang mga telepeno naten. Minsan nga three-way pa. Natatandaan mo pa ba? Hindi tayo maubusan ng sasabihin sa isa’t-isa. Nagka boyfriend ka nuon ganun din naman ako. Aminin mo, naging kasabwat mo ako sa mga kalokohan mo dati kahit naman yung ibang kalokohan mo pa bago ka lumipat ng Laguna eh sinuportahan ko.( Hindi ko ididitalye kasi baka masira ang image mo dito.hahaha)
Dumating din ang mga panahon na hindi tayo naging okay. Hindi tayo naguusap. Parang hindi tayo magkakilala. Hindi naman ako nataranta nun kasi alam ko babalik at babalik din tayo sa dati. Sumunod na nangyari eh may Carlo ka na, pumunta ako sa binyag mo. Naging okay naman tayo ulit. Pero minsan susubukin at susubukin ka ng pagkakataon talaga. May mga taong dadating sa buhay natin para turuan tayo ng mga bagay sa masakit na paraan. Ano man ang naging dahilan masasabi ko naman na tama ang pinili ko. Nabawi naman natin lahat ng nawala. Sobra pa nga kung tutuusin. Sa tambay at sleepovers, sa punong hapagkainan o kaya ihaw-ihaw lang sa kanto, Ortigas man o sa gilid gilid ng Quiapo magkasama tayo. Tingnan mo nga tayo ngayon, nasa hilaga ako at ikaw ay nasa timog pero parang wala naman pinagkaiba masyado. 
Masaya ako at halos labing-apat na taon na tayong magkaibigan at patuloy pa din ang magandang samahan. Magkapareho tayo sa ilang mga bagay pero mas magkaiba tayo kung tutuusin. Siguro nga kaya tayo balanse kasi napupunan natin kung ano ang pagkukulang ng isa’t -isa. Naging karamay kita lalo na sa pinaka masasakit na pangyayari sa buhay ko. Natulungan mo ko sa madaming paraan na hindi ko na kailangang sabihin pa. Masasabi koong ganun din naman ako sayo kahit papaano. Hindi ko makakalimutan nung sinabi mo nung nawala si Daddy mo ‘Wala man lang akong kaibigang dumating galing Maynila ang layo ko kasi.’ Pero kahit malayo pinuntahan kita.  Pareho tayong nagmahal at nawalan na.
Sana sa panibagong yugto ng ating  mga buhay eh susuportahan pa din natin ang isa’t-isa. Sana ganito pa din tayo labing-apat na taon mula ngayon o higit pa. Alam ko ang likaw ng bituka ko kaya alam kong wala akong maitatago sa iyo. Kapag may problema ka, alam mong pwedeng pwede mo akong tawagan kahit madaling araw at dadamayan kita. Hindi ko man nasasabi sa iyo pero mahal kita at nagpapsalamat ako na kaibigan kita. Dahil sa iyo, may Carlo akong kinukulit lalo dati, nabusog ako ng madaming beses dahil laging fiesta ata sa bahay nyo, lumawak ang networks ko at natuto ako sa buhay sa paraan na alam mong kung papaano. Maraming salamat ShaSha. :) Gusto na kita makita. hahaha.
Kapag sumuweldo ako mag hohouse party tayo sa kwarto mo kaso baka mabulabog naten si Lola Ona. Magdadala ako ng Koko Krunch ni Carlo promise.
I've been blogging about stuff and people close to my heart and it's only now that summady has written something for me. I feel so elated knowing that amongst those who I had made friends with throughout the years, there's this one person who went out of her way to reassure me of what kind of a bond we have. Who would've thought that the acquaintance we had at that small space at Jay Anne's house in January 9, 1997 will be the start of our wonderful journey?  Sure, we've been both through one helluva ride. We had stood  the test of times, but hey, here we are, 14 years later, stronger, wiser and  with straighter herrs. LOLWHUT?

I really can't think of any way on how to end this post that wouldn't sound so cliche but what the hell, I love you and always know that I will be here for you no matter what. Thank you for the friendship and yes, cheers to more fruitful, crazy, happy yearsss! Also, may the love that we deserve find its way to us. :) I will see you soon, Aby. Mwaaah!

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