Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 10: One Confession, August 27, 2010

I was once asked by my cousin if I am already over you and I was left mum about it. They say, you can only tell that you are over someone when you just don’t give a fuck anymore on how he chose to live his life without you.
Last May, I opened your yahoo mail; you still have the same password huh. I know it’s absurd but I was just checking how you have been after everything that has happened, how lame, I know, argh! I know! Then I tried to access your newly made facebook account and voila, you’re also using the same password like the one I gave you for your mail. How idiot can you be? What a pleasant surprise to find out that your relationship status is engaged —darn it! Hrrr, this thing is even harder than I thought. I can not really put into writing how for the nth time… it broke my heart.
I know that I don’t love you anymore. I swear, I do not love you anymore, but after all these years, why can it still hurt so badly? Why do I still feel awful whenever I talk to people about you? Have I really not let go of you yet? —Oh, God, I guess so.


Anonymous said...

oh wow. while reading, ambigat ng dibdib ko. don't know why. :/

Shasha said...

Hi Gem! What a sadz nu? Oh well. :/

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