Tuesday, April 05, 2011

tv ads, french fries and tears

Since mommy is in Manila, I get to spend more time in front of the television and by television, I mean channel 2's shows from My Princess to Mara Clara. Yesterday, I was so giddy to see that McDonald's has released (without a doubt) yet another adorable advertisement. 

Screencaps for further dose of cuteness:

Later that night, I saw Nestle's latest ad. Okay, this I have to admit, I cried. Yep, I did! What made it more of a tearjerker is the theme song which is Apo's Pag-Ibig, though it could have been greater if they had used the original one, ugh! It's just so full of love, so ideal, so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time (yuh, go figure). 

Yesterday's emotions were like that of these ads, at first I was like, yuh, today is just like no other  steady day with Carlo that we can spend over a fast food meal; not until I received this message on facebook that sortov left me thinking of the shoulda, woulda, coulda's (to please read this for your enlightenment). 

You've seen the later part on that Nestle commercial? Ha, who knows? I might get to spend my middle age-dying years with that one man I am destined to be with. LOL, this single mom is just so hopeful! Spreading love and positivity! ^_^


Ava said...

You made me cry. :(

gemilita said...

the Nestle ad's really heartwarming. i loved it too. i still like the mcdo huling el bimbo ad more though in comparison to this new one.

Shasha said...

@Ava Haha, we are crey babies!

@Gem Hmmm, Kanlungan is my most favorite mcdo ad. Ah, memories.

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