Sunday, April 03, 2011

Old school Sunday, circa 2003

I was looking at old photos earlier and this in particular painted a smile on my face. Ha, Ive been always saying that time flies so fast, well especially when you’re a mom and you get to witness the different aspects of changes in your kid. You see, Carlo is such a big bb. Look at his THIGHS AND LEEGGGSSS! Gad, he’s so heavy! My mean brother used to tease him Jabba The Hut, course Carlo doesn’t care not until I showed him a picture of this creature only then he started yelling that I should kill it with fire! Uhm, of course he did not really say that. He just hated how he looked like on this candid shot beside a buddha figurine. It just looks so… what was that again? Yuh, awful, but whatever! I love you, love you, love you!


Anonymous said...

LOL at Jabba the Hut. Ang cute nga eh!

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