Friday, March 30, 2012

Too many movies, so little time

It's 17 days 'til the start of my summer classes, and I had only seen The Hunger Games among the too many movies that I had downloaded. Meh. I've been sick for five days that's why I haven't started on my marathon yet. Also, I just can't get enough of (a) The Internet, which is basically taking over my life and (b) Forgive me, but I am loving channel 2's Walang Hanggan, Dahil sa Pag-Ibig and PBB Unlimited because of the so gwapo, bb Slater Young, who makes me super kilig whenever I see him. 

Must-see movies:

1. Tom and Jerry In The Dog House
2. The Lorax
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Beauty and The Beast
5. We Bought a Zoo
6. The Breakfast Club
7. Breakfast at Tiffany's
8. Midnight in Paris
9. Garden State
10. The Number 23
11. Submarine
12. A lot Like Love
13. One Day
14. Ghost
15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
16. Lost In Translation
17. Fight Club
18. Virgin Suicides
19. The Royal Tenenbaums
20. The Iron Lady
21. Youth in Revolt
22. 50/50
23. Love of Siam
24. The Change Up
25. New Year's Eve
26. Grim's Snow White
27. A Serbian Film
28. Detachment
29. Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall
30. Harry Potter 1-7

So, the plan is to finish everything in the list by April 15 or maybe I could still give myself some extra time in between studying just to break some ice. In, the meantime, yay for more downloads! :p

Weddings, etc.

I have always been fascinated with pre-nuptial photos, wedding photos and videos -the shots, the colors, the themes, the cinematography, the vintage vibe, the father and daughter dance, the smiles and the tears of joy on the faces of the lovers and everyone around them. It gives me a certain hope that one day, I will plan my own wedding and I will walk down the aisle and marry the man He had prepared for me. 

There are days when I will just watch videos on youtube and vimeo and be in awe on how beautifully that day has been made for the bride and the groom. I had always admired the works of the famous videographer, who had made me crey buckets of tears, Mr. Jason Magbanua, man, you are a genius! 

I had first seen this wedding video before a service at VCF and good Lord, I was so moved by their vows, it was so sincere and full of love, a match truly made in heaven. <3

This video of Tuesday Vargas and Coy Placido is from Mayad Studio, and yes I shed rivers of tears especially on the part when the bride's son walked her down to her groom. Also, Ben Rector's White Dress is just perfect for those candid moments the videographer had captured. :)

Some days, I will just google wedding concepts and photos and one of my favorite site is MangoRed, they do engagement, prenup and wedding coverages , their works are so fun to look at, it surely brings out the joy their clients feel from within. Here are some of their cute shots:

Click here for more.


Veluz is a brilliant Filipina designer who make brides so dashing and regal on her wedding day. Her creations are just so intricate yet so classy.  Let these photos speak for itself. Yay! I adore her so much!

Oh, by the way, I'm also on Pinterest and I have a board dedicated for Wedding Ideas, I'm such a fan nu? Here are some purdy photos:

And here I am again saying with so much hope, ONE DAY...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Song of the now!

Last Saturday, I tuned in to the Cosmic Star Show by my good friend, JC (who really has a great music taste), then this song played and in an instant, I fell in love with it. ^_^ I am sharing you this for you might also like it. Enjoy! :)

The Quiz by The Saferide

You look nice alright
And I like the way you nod after everything I say
Like it actually means something to you

And I like your record collection
Townes and Jens with a hint of Rickie Lee
And you've cleaned up the bathroom, made a really nice soup
but a bit too much sci-fi in your shelf with DVD's

But there are things you need to know about me
I'm weak right now, so weak right now
I need proof before I dare to open this heart
So I've prepared a quiz for you

Would you freak out if I said I liked you?
Do you walk the line?
Is your IQ higher than your neighbours?
And is it very much higher than mine?

Can you sleep when I grind my teeth?
Do you look away if I slob when I eat?
Will you let me be myself?
Can you at all times wear socks? Because I'm still scared of feet

And if I'd fall, would you pick me up?
If I'd fall, would you pick me up?

Do you talk in the middle of Seinfeld?
Do you read more than two books a month?
Do you get racist or sexist when you've had a few?
Is it fine if I make more money than you?

Have you slept with any people I work with?
Is there anyone you'd rather wish I'd be?
Do you still keep pictures of old girlfriends?
Are they prettier than me?

And if I'd fall, would you pick me up?
If I'd fall, would you pick me up?

So cute, nu? I can imagine this song playing while I am with that special guy at the porch of my house. How about you? What do you fancy about? ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

food coma on the 1st week of vacay

Ohai, Blogger, we meet again! Yup, I am still alive! Second semester a.k.a. the hell sem had taken away of whatever is still left of my social life (which is the innernetz), I couldn't believe that it has been over 4 months that I had been M.I.A. and  I am truly sorry for neglecting you. You see, I took 30 units this sem, unbelievable, yes? Ugh, those grueling hours of studying, the endless paper works, my love-hate relationship with Trigonometry, and goddamn those Sunday classes! Not to mention the dramas I encountered inside the classroom! School had really taken over my life these past months and I am just so glad that it is finally overrr!!! 

The 1st week of my short-live summer vacation (I have summer classes that will last for 6 weeks, that's why, IKR?) was spent at home with good company, and of course... food! :)

Since we couldn't access the internet at home because Globe had a technical problem, yet again, TJ, King and I opted to have a food trip galore.   

This Magnum hype made me rush to the nearby grocery to buy these goodies. Yes, it's delish, its coating tastes like Hershey's chocolate, but I just can't seem to place why it is so special for others. I'd rather buy a tub of Coffee Crumble and get my money's worth. Sulit na, busog pa.

Last Wednesday, I had a lunch date with my friends at the Chateaux Altobar (LOLJK). Twas fun because we were the ones who prepared the food, twas only then that I had ate on a banana leaf after a long time. Also, the bagoong that TJ bought at Pagsanjan was so yummy!!!

I had missed Carlo so much, sometimes I would feel guilty for not being able to attend to his every day needs and in rare occasions like this where he requests for something, I see to it that I give him what he wants: cheese sticks and onion rings! :D Yay, good thing he doesn't ask for complicated stuff since he is aware that I really don't know how to cook, hihi. ^_^

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