Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Quiapo: My Little Piece of Heaven

I was looking through old photos earlier today and then I suddenly started feeling kind of nostalgic when I saw pictures of our old house in Quiapo. Ok, I will not go through every memory I had on this home but lemme just share with you why I miss it especially in times like this. By in times like this, I mean when it is raining and it's cold and I feel so alone. K, I kid.

My friend named this spot in my room as the "emo corner". Since it is beside the window, he said that it's a perfect place for pondering and crying. You get that feeling like you're on a music video or something, or NOT REALLY. OMG! So many things happened on that tiny space right there. So many significant people in my life sat on that chair, I miss them terriblly. :(

On a lighter note, this is how the side of my room looks like at the wee hours of the morning. Yes, I used to sleep with blinds and windows open because it’s too hot in Manila, oh, the Meralco light post over thur. I used to think of silly stuff —like someone might sneak into my room and hold captive of me or or a headless man would just appear by the window. I’m paranoid like that. Hrrr.

This was taken during the last Christmas I had in that house. Oh, shit! I ain't gonna cry! :P

This is one of the views you'll see when you walk along the street of Hidalgo, you may call it slums but I don't care, Quiapo will always be one of the beautiful things that had ever happened to me. :)

You know why I love Quiapo so much? 

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