Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Toys and Some Loving

One time I saw Carlo, my baby boy looking at some paper toys on cartoonnetwork.com, he's so fond of Adventure Time, which in all fairness is really hilarious and being a fan of the show, I know he was pretty much contemplating on how he'll be able to make it. Since I am a cool mom, ehem,  I surprised him by constructing it for him. :) 

Materials needed:


1. Go to this website.
2. Print the template you had chosen on a cardboard.
3. Cut through the lines.
4. Fold through the lines.
5. Apply glue when needed. 
6. And voila!

Aren't they the cutest? :3

because we are Potterheads, nuff said! :D
Download the template here. They have lots of free paper crafts to offer. 

If by any chance you decide to make some of these, just please be patient enough because it's really time consuming particularly the cutting part, but it's all worth it especially if you are doing it for someone you love.

Until my next DIY project! :)

Guess who's back, back again?

Will you believe me if I say that I missed blogging? Ugh, I am such a neglectful blogger (wait, isn't it the proper term used for those who own a blog? Whatevz!). I am so sorry that I do not have a lot of time in my hands to write about my misadventures in life. But hey, my ever dearest, I am back in your arms again, let's cuddle and spend my vacation together! :)

So, let me update you on what had happened the previous months. You see, I am on semestral break and I was supposed to be in Manila but things took place and I am stuck in my oh, so lovely town (pun intended) that is submerged in water since the Habagat that hit the country last August, and yes, it sucks so much that I want to high five it in the face. With a bench of some sorts. K, I am throwing a fit again! Seriously speaking, it brought too much hassle not only to our family but also to those who were affected by that calamity. It was the first time for my family  to experienced this, that there was a need for us to relocate because it's just not safe to stay at home anymore. After two and a half months of being away from ze Chateaux Altobar, we finally got back to our place last week and just when we have some finishing touches left to do; our home welcomed yet another flood which even made my "vacation" a series of packing and unpacking extravaganza. And up to date, there is still water inside the house, it wouldn't just leave us alone!

On a lighter note, I had spent more time with my kid because usually, it was just us in our then temporary home. I had prepared (if not cooked) food for him, hihi, and we had watched lots and lots of movies, but our most favorite is the Harry Potter series, we are such late bloomers, we know (I think I have to write another entry for this)! Also,I had finally read some of John Green and David Levithan's novels, good Lord, they are geniuses with words (maybe, I should write a separate blog post for this as well)! See, it is a good life, after all! :D

Academically speaking, the first semester had been kinder to me, despite all the hours I had spent on the first part of my thesis and the library hopping that goes with it. As I had mentioned previously, I only have three semesters left til graduation, isn't it awesome? By the way, guess who just made her mom and her kiddo proud? Meeee!!! Haha, I got my grades yesterday and it was indeed gratifying! :3

There goes the three months that I had been away. I wish I could go through every details of my exciting life, but it will just bore you to death and will make you think how lame I am, haha! So, let me just share with you some of the photos that I had accumulated over the previous months and had eaten a lot of space in my phone memory, hrhr!

Photos taken last August 5 to 8

Food and movies, what a very nice combination! 

Pasta and sweets 

October 20, ah, finally, no more flood!

I super missed my room!
I know you can see the Twilight Saga books, to please not judge, haha, twas just a phase in my life when I thought Edward Cullen was hot, heh!

Oplan Linis Balur~

Back to square one but it's all good because there's really no place like home! ;)

And then it started to rain again last Thursday. Boooo!!!

To wrap it all up, isn't this one hell of a good news?

Hoping to be able to write more often.
Inspiration, come to momma!!!

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