Sunday, March 18, 2012

food coma on the 1st week of vacay

Ohai, Blogger, we meet again! Yup, I am still alive! Second semester a.k.a. the hell sem had taken away of whatever is still left of my social life (which is the innernetz), I couldn't believe that it has been over 4 months that I had been M.I.A. and  I am truly sorry for neglecting you. You see, I took 30 units this sem, unbelievable, yes? Ugh, those grueling hours of studying, the endless paper works, my love-hate relationship with Trigonometry, and goddamn those Sunday classes! Not to mention the dramas I encountered inside the classroom! School had really taken over my life these past months and I am just so glad that it is finally overrr!!! 

The 1st week of my short-live summer vacation (I have summer classes that will last for 6 weeks, that's why, IKR?) was spent at home with good company, and of course... food! :)

Since we couldn't access the internet at home because Globe had a technical problem, yet again, TJ, King and I opted to have a food trip galore.   

This Magnum hype made me rush to the nearby grocery to buy these goodies. Yes, it's delish, its coating tastes like Hershey's chocolate, but I just can't seem to place why it is so special for others. I'd rather buy a tub of Coffee Crumble and get my money's worth. Sulit na, busog pa.

Last Wednesday, I had a lunch date with my friends at the Chateaux Altobar (LOLJK). Twas fun because we were the ones who prepared the food, twas only then that I had ate on a banana leaf after a long time. Also, the bagoong that TJ bought at Pagsanjan was so yummy!!!

I had missed Carlo so much, sometimes I would feel guilty for not being able to attend to his every day needs and in rare occasions like this where he requests for something, I see to it that I give him what he wants: cheese sticks and onion rings! :D Yay, good thing he doesn't ask for complicated stuff since he is aware that I really don't know how to cook, hihi. ^_^


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