Wednesday, April 06, 2011

motherhood, screencaps and all the love in the world

Last night, Carlo and I watched Tangled (which of course was my choice) inside our little sanctuary. I had made this blanket tent by our bed, prepared chips and cookies, set up the laptop and turned off the light for a more cozy-feel. We pretended like we were somewhere far away from here while eyes were glued on the screen and our hands and mouths were busy digging in to some goodies. :)

I see a glimpse of Carlo's eyes, twinkling; his lips curved into a smile. For a seven year old who is so hooked with WWE, it was such a joy to see that he can stand watching this kind of movie with me. Now honing you to be that guy that the girls out there will love, hihi.

Tangled is so fun to watch, the story of Rapunzel given a new twist. Her prince charming, Flynn Rider is so masculine yet so adorable while Maximus, the horse who has a love and hate relationship with  him has a personality that of a dog, loyal and dedicated to his master (the King). Pascal, the chameleon is so lovable, I wanna take him home! But, I would have to say, there were several scenes that were hilarious enough to make me and my son laugh so hard, like the one at Snuggly Duckling with the Pub Thugs, their performance was so cute, ah, it was so endearing! But two of my most favorite part were when Flynn accompanied Rapunzel to see the lanterns (which for 17 years she thought were stars) being flown in the air, it was so magical! And of course, every fairy tale must come to an end, the part when she was reunited with the King and the Queen after 18 long years was D'aww-est (yuh, I just made up that word (if you can even call it a "word")) moment in the movie. Of course, a fairly tale wouldn't be complete without its famous closing remarks, oh yes, you got it so right! ~And they lived happily ever after.~

Here are some screencaps and hooligans gifs for your health ^_^

Moments like this that I get to spend with my son is just so priceless --wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The laughter I hear from him, the comfort I feel with his company, the appreciation I see from him for everything that I am doing for his welfare down to those Friday nights we get to spend watching wrestling and those times that I can tag him along to watch some princess' motion picture with me. I know one day, you will get to read the oh, so many posts I had made about/for you. And when you do, to please give mommy a warm hug and treat mommy to yet another movie date. I love you, Carlo!


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