Monday, March 14, 2011

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: A Movie Review. NOT REALLY!

It's been years that I have been hearing about this Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist movie. I tried looking for a copy at a nearby dvd haven in Quiapo but there wasn't any. HBO has shown it too many times but I did not get the chance to see it. Also, I did not know about torrent during that time so yes, (I got it, I'm such a loser) I waited for more years, glorious years. Not until, a dear friend gave me a link to this movie and told me to watch it and I was like, yes, yes, yes, I think it's about time, I think now is the perfect time to finally see this and so I did. :)

There's nothing so grand about this flick, it's simple, fun, refreshing, music packed and will make you feel giddy and delighted all at the same time. Also, I am really not good with reviews, so, to please calm yo tits rolling eyes! I just wanna share with you what movie I had seen lately and you might wanna check it out and feel good after. Moving on, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is filled with likeable characters, for the win punchlines and its soundtrack, OMG, the soundtrack is just so awesome, so hipster~ in fact, it's currently playing in the background as I spill my thoughts here, I just can't get over it, yay?

And, it's only now that I get to appreciate the HNNNGGawkwardness that is Michael Cera. :) GOODNESS, SO ADORBZ!

I think, one way or another, music compatibility is important, so to whoever you are reading this, please check my account (the link is just somewhere there at the sidebar, also, lol for the shameless plug) and see if we can make purdy babies, oh, scratch that! You might be the one, you could be my one and only music soulmate~

P.S. I WISH TO RECEIVE MIXTAPES ~so old school but so full of love. WHUT? High hopes, baby! One day. Someday. :)


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