Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hipster Wannabe/Girly Inspired Bedroom

Last Thursday, I moved to my late Lola's room downstairs, if you are wondering if I am not even scared of the thought that she had stayed here in this very room for years, well, no, definitely not! And because I am so proud of what it had turned out to, I am sharing photos to you, dear reader. :)

I've always wanted to have a photo wall and I am so giddy to finally have one, yiiiii!!!
Photos I got from tumblr, pinterest, and some of my favorite bloggers.

 I got this online and then I turned it into an HP pennant banner because I am such a fan, 
isn't it so cute? Hihi. :3

I had this cork board for 5 years already. Apparently, I am turning 30 this year and I still have these stuffed toys with me, those 2 big bears for 11 years and those Trolls had been with me since I was 9 years old, I am just a very sentimental person, you see?

Kristal, a good friend of mine surprised me last Monday with a dreamcatcher that she had made. The rest are bits and pieces of  some pretty things that I love.

This area is where we can sit while watching movies and those pompoms were made by my friends Kyang and Cha-Anne, so purdy! 

My books finally have a decent home; I bet they are as happy as I am. 
This is my study area/internet haven.

This is how it looks like at night, fairy lights coming sooooonnn!!!!

P.S. Thank you Kristal, Cha-Anne, and Tim for helping me out! We have a larger tambayan already! Yeeyyy!!!

P.P.S. I had finally convinced Carl to share this room with me, so double yeeeyyyy for that! :)



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