Saturday, June 25, 2011

lunch of the champs

Yesterday, Carlo was telling us how much he wants to eat baby back ribs. Like, he really expressed it an manner that made me LOL, he said, Mommy, natatakam talaga ako sa baby back ribs, hrhr, this kid!

In other news, I was craving for tacos for days already, but I tend to eat A LOT (by a lot, I mean 6 tacos, k?) of it, so I told mommy last week that may be she should stop serving that to us for the meantime, but since my taste buds were crying out loud for tacos, I decided to lift the ban and stuff my face with these Mexican pieces of happiez.

~happiness on a plate: baby back ribs and tacos~

Ah, you see how mommy loves us? Buuurrrrpppp! :)


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