Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Obligatory 12.12.12 Post (in bullets)

  • it was so hard to get out of bed today
  • it's so cold and I just want to spend the entire day snuggling my favorite blanket and my pillows
  • but school won't let me
  • so when I checked facebook, 12.12.12. posts were all over my news feed and I was like K.
  • class was sooo boring
  • really, really, really boring
  • my favorite line today: "Naiihi ako, tara siomai tayo!":))
  • and then we'll sneak
  • spent 2 hours at the library
  • cleaned my room
  • because I have visitors tomorrow
  • talked to my mommy and cousin about some serious matter
  • I sound old
  • duh, but you are already old, Shasha!
  • hello?!
  • finished chapter 4 of my thesis
  • since I don't want to think of it while I am on vacation
  • i am planning to make my chapter 5 tomorrow
  • i just want this semester to end
  • and yeah, I am super excited for Sunday!


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