Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hai! I got this idea from Helga Weber, her posts are so fun to read. I think it would also be nice to compile all the things that I am fascinated of so I decided to why not give it a shot. ;) Hullo reader welcome to this weekly dose of awesomeness! :)

  1. Handwriting FontsBeen downloading all these cute handwriting fonts since Friday night. I wish I knew something about html, css, and Photoshop so I can prettify this blog.
  2. Chip the teacupHow can you not like this teacup? It's so 90s!!! OMG Beauty and the Beast!!!
  3. Hipster photos, LOLFor typography making because I am an artsy-fartsy momma, charaught! =))
  4. Coin Dozer - I rarely download games on my phone, but this I have to say is the only game I take so seriously. There were times when I have to set my alarm just when my coins had fully regenerated so I can continue playing :D
  5. Printed WallpaperJUST BECAUSE. 
  6. DivergentIt's a dystopian novel, need I say more? And yay for the upcoming movie!
  7. A bedroom with fluffy pillows, Christmas lights and a flag bannerI've always wanted to decorate my room with these stuff, but mother goose won't allow me to put lights on my headboard and cork boards because she said it's fire hazard, etc.; and those flag banners? I still have to consult it with Carl since he finds it annoying already that I painted our room violet. Hrhr.


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