Friday, November 02, 2012

Mini Haul

I used to be an impulsive buyer in my younger years, but being a mom/student made me realize that I should only get things that I need the most, which means I should buy useful, durable, and budget friendly stuff. Here are some of my recent purchase and I must say that I am really happy about it. 

I actually had second thoughts of getting this pair because a) it's printed b) my kuripot self is telling me not to, but my loves saw it on me, and he approved of it and said that I should buy it. :)  Got this loafers at Rusty Lopez for P599.00, It is very light, comfy, and it makes me look cool or NOT, whatever!

This royal blue tote, I got for P399.00 at Herbench, I am actually not a fan of this brand but was pretty pleased when I saw this hanging in the store. Also, I like them big, which is just perfect! :)

I've been looking for a satchel for the longest time already, and just like true love, I happened to lay my eyes on this cute sailor satchel and I know we were meant for each other, haha! Got this for P199.00 at some girly store in town, good deal, yes? ;)

Hahaha, funny because I really do not know how my closing paragraph should be, or does this post even need one? Hahaha! Guess I just better say, 'til my next haul? Lelz! 


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