Thursday, November 22, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

Maybe we have our own ghost/s -a fear that we are so afraid to face, a thought that's been bothering us or even a person from our past. It's been a tough day and I had come to realize that it's possible for a person to be coward and be brave at the same time. Coward because a) I had done precautionary measures on all my social media accounts as if my entire life was at stake, and b) I had cried a lot today. It may sound weird, but I also feel  brave. Brave enough to walk away from all of these, and hey, it doesn't make me a loser, it only means that after everything that I had been through in life, I finally  learned to choose my battles wisely. With that, I can now sleep soundly beside the love of my life.

Good night, blogosphere! :)


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