Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today in Bullets

  • My feet was so itchy that I slept at around 1am already
  • Woke up at 7 am
  • Had 6 hours of sleep
  • I am so galing in Math!
  • Today's weather was so bipolar, I want to slap it on the face!
  • Saw happy crush walking along the school
  • and surprisingly, I did not squeel
  • Played Coin Dozer and Pou while my professor was discussing something
  • because that is how I roll!
  • Food coma after eating lunch
  • I like budget meals which could be delish at the same time
  • I am on my way on feeling indifferent about this certain person
  • because indifference is the opposite of love, right?
  • and it is way better than hate
  • because feeling hate over someone is just so draining
  • and it's just too much to take
  • Attended a talk about Psychological Testing
  • This Draw A Pig Test is just accurate
  • and funny!
  • It was interesting at first, but because I have the attention span of a squirrel
  • I eventually played, laughed, and just talked with my seatmates
  • who were also bored as I am
  • Had dinner with friends
  • It's Andrea's birthday
  • Ate too much
  • and then this thing happened
  • I think I just have to continue reading Let It Snow
  • or maybe play?
  • or write more stuff?
  • BLAH!


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