Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's In Your Bag?

I remember, in 2009 I had already posted something like this on tumblr and I ended up deleting it because I'm impulsive, like that! ;) But a dear blogger friend, Ava, made an entry about what's inside her bag and that inspired me to take photos of what you can see inside the bag of a 28 year old college student. 

I'm into big bags with a lot of compartments for my important stuff down to the various trinkets I bring every day. Kids in my school would have a second look at the bag that I am carrying, maybe they think I'm staying in and would have mistaken it for a weekend bag, but like I care, I like it big, nuff said. :)

The-bag-of-the-moment as to what had Ava described hers ;)

I can say that I am pretty organized with my things, that cute Matryoshka doll is a pencil case which is very helpful for someone who has a huge bag. That I Paris envelope is where I keep my COR, receipts, permits and I.D. pictures. I also have a separate envelope for my sticky notes which is very useful for my reminders because most of the time, the inevitable happens and memory gap kicks in. Oh, there goes my school I.D. which I really covered with the lace because of you know why already. :p

Inside the bag is a bag organizer which basically keeps my wipes, tissue paper, cologne, perfume, powder and hand sanitizer. Stapler and paper clips are also an essential for me because I hate asking things from my classmates.

I'm not into make-ups so I just have a blush, lipstick and a brush for my daily look in school, besides, IMHO, you just really have to keep it simple when you're inside the campus, you don't want to look like you're going to a party with all the kolorete on your face. :)  And due to the ever changing mood of the weather, I  always keep a fan in my bag, a water container to quench my thirst,  and an umbrella to protect me from the scorching heat of the sun. Also, I prefer a cute coin purse instead of wallets.

In case it gets boring in school, I have a book to turn to or an mp3 player to soothe me when I'm in a bad mood. There goes my ever reliable LG Prada mobile phone and a Nokia Mural which serves as a back-up phone (Girl Scout, laging handa ang peg~), my name plate which I don't use, an extra pair of earrings, house keys, vintage watch of my pops which I always bring with me, and I make sure I have something to nibble just in case I get hungry, hihi. ^_^

The downside of having a big bag is that obviously, it's heavy, but I really don't make a big fuss out of it for as long as I know that everything that I need to get me through the day in school is inside my tote, and I am one happy girl already. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi! This is a cute entry! Your stuff are so organized, kaka-inspire mag-ayos ng bag, haha! :3

Perrine Renoir said...

one thing i look for in bags regardless of size --- multiple compartments for easy storage. that does the trick. :)

Shasha said...

Hi Perrine! Thank you for taking time to read this entry. :)

Ava said...

Happy girl with a very ganda bag! I love it! <3

Shasha said...

Hihi, thank you girl! Very inspiring ng blog mo kasi eh! :3

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