Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Skate Parks and Love

For the past days, I've been seeing Carlo watching youtube videos on how to make a skate park. Well, apparently, his love for tech deck has made a come back. One time, I decided to see it myself and then there was that light bulb moment saying, hey, I can do that and that will save me a lot of moolah if I start constructing those ramps for my son. 

They say that the first one will be  the hardest, well yeah, because it took me around 2 hours to make this. And voila, here's the 1st quarter pipe that I had made and bb boy was really happy about it. Also, the comments from my fb and twitter friends for this photo were so overwhelming I felt like crying. Yay! I rhymed! :D Oh, I got 3 kisses from him because of this. :3

That same night, Carlo had made lambing to me that he wants stairs with rail for his finger board. So, who am I to say no? I immediately looked for materials available and I saw these old wooden blocks and assembled it;  for the rail, I had used old pail handles. Guess I should make a separate DIY entry for these, LOL, I kid. 
He was so giddy when I had finished this and gave me yet another set of kisses and a tight hug. ♥♥♥

I can say that this is the better version of my quarter pipe, it has a more professional appeal (LOL professional? SRZLY?!)

Maybe for some, it's just a simple toy, but for me it has a deeper meaning to it. As a single mom who is raising a boy who is already nearing his puberty age is one tough task but I see to it that in my own simple ways, I can make him happy and somehow make him feel contented with who he has right now. When he grows older, he will surely remember this day when his momma made him his own skate park and that thought gives me the happies. :D

P.S. Carlo told me, ok lang naman po talaga kahit walang daddy eh, kaya mo naman gawin everything for me eh. Huhu, my heart... it melted! ♥♥♥ 


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