Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wicked Oreos

So,  I've been wanting to make deep fried Oreos since last Sunday, but then the weather is too hot that it made me so dysfunctional. Thank God because the 1st of May brought some rain, I finally decided to why not give it a try, after all, when this one fails, I'm pretty sure my son, Carlo will still eat it because, yeah, it's pancake and Oreo mixed together! :P Hello there, reader! I am Shasha and this is my first attempt on making this heart clogging, sinful dessert. :)


  • a box of Oreos
  • pancake mix
  • water
  • cooking oil
  • ice cream (optional)
  • chocolate syrup (optional)


1. Mix pancake batter according to instructions.

2. Dunk the Oreos into the batter. Make sure that its completely coated.

3. Fry until pancake batter is golden brown already.

4. Serve on a platter with a scoop of ice cream, or drizzle it with some chocolate syrup. 

5. Stuff your mouth with these goodies and don't feel guilty about it! :)

See, it's easy as 1, 2, 3 (LOL, yabang!) I think everyone in the house loved it! :) My mother who's not into sweets really enjoyed it, and of course, Carlo who's been so supportive of me and considers this as real cooking said it was yummeh! :))


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