Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Self

I know you feel bad about what had happened, you feel like your efforts were not acknowledged, that you were robbed of something that you deserved, but hey, it has never been about you, what you did, nor what you had accomplished; it has always been about what Christ has done for you. You can rant all you want or just keep mum about it and leave it up to God, but I am confident that you will choose the latter. This "thing" will not get the best of you because you know what? You have a God who is fair, a God who saw all the heart that you had given to be able to honor Him and give Him praise, and I think it is more than enough. Don't be sad. I know it still hurts, I just want to remind you that nothing in this earth will ever define your identity but in Christ alone. 

Do not be discouraged. God is your refuge. He will see you through.

Your Sensible Self


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