Friday, July 08, 2011

the week that was

It has been a very busy week. Too much Statistics lessons and compressed time for both Developmental Psychology and Theories of Personality classes. Oh well, the last 3 days were too stressful, not to mention that our prelim exams were scheduled in the morning and that means being sleep deprived. So what I was really tryna say is I survived my first 2 months in college and guess what? This momma is enjoying Math already! :P Can I just also add that I am having too much fun at school? Haha, who would've thought that I can be friends with these 17 year old kids? I feel a sense of belongingness despite the age gap, yeah, the BIG age gap! They make me feel that I am their ate and be young at heart at the same time. Ah, I am delighted about studying and working hard to get high grades. Summady's feeling so ~inspired~. :D

P.S. My prof in Theories of Personality sms'd me earlier, Congrats! Job well done! 2 mistakes only on your exam! And I was like, yessss!!! :)

P.P.S. Carlo helped me in reviewing yesterday, how cute is that? Hihi. I have a very strong support team!  I feel like the universe is conspiring in my favor! I love you, universe! I love you bb boy! :D


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