Thursday, July 21, 2011

because Carrie is the bomb!

Twas in 2002 when I got hooked with HBO's Sex and the City series. There is something about its characters that I loved so dearly. :) K, this is not a review about the show, I just wanna let you know that it has a prequel and another sequel to the prequel. Uh, did I even make sense? 

Whatever, I love Candace Bushnell! Nuff said! Look at the book covers, so girly! ♥♥♥

P.S. The last book just arrived last Wednesday as a birthday gift from Ate Criscelle (who also sent The Carrie Diaries to me, I have wonderful friends, I knowww! :)) and due to school load, I haven't read it yet, though I had already smelled it's pages, hihi. Hmmm, I think by tomorrow night, I can finally have an intimate time with Carrie and the rest of the gang, but for now, lemme go back to my readings about html and css, ugh! Bye!


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