Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Musings and Chenelin

Hi reader! I really do not know where to start; I do not even know where this post is going. But hey, I am trying to write something blogworthy (and if I fail to do so, please bear with me). What I miss the most about writing is the joy that I get whenever I can express my thoughts freely. It’s like talking to your crush and feeling all giddy without stuttering, K, I kid. Seriously, I miss doing a lot of things, to name a few, I miss taking pictures and cooking and reading books and doing movie marathons. I must admit, I fail at some points on my do-what-you-love list. Sad it may seem, I think I had lost it! I had lost the inspiration, or let me put it this way, maybe I am just too lazy to squeeze in those activities in my "schedule", but this doesn't mean that I had been idle for the past months, in fact, I am quite busy with my internship at the guidance office, some church activities, and various artsy-fartsy projects, not to mention how I struggle a lot to get past a level on Candy Crush Saga. Every. Single. Day. Meh! 

Hi, I am Charmaine, this is my nth attempt to revive this blog. Hopefully, I can write as regularly as possible and share with you my adventures as a mommy and as a college student and above else, talk about what Jesus has been doing in my life. :)


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