Saturday, May 21, 2011


Is it just me or do you also feel my sentiment that this season is a total disappointment? Come to think of it, these aspiring artists caters to different music genres --genres that I think, American voters doesn't appreciate --which really aggravated to my dismay. This was the only season that I had poured so much time and emotion (LOL, emotion) to; this season had broken my heart into 3 pieces. 3 fucking pieces.

I was too verbal of my love for Paul McDonald because of the uniqueness of his voice, a genre that is of his own, not to mention his asdfdghgfjgajgfajhnnnnggggg looks. Then came the Top 8 elimination and he was booted out, my heart, my heart was profusely bleeding on the inside (okay, I exaggerate) when I knew about it. I was like, WHAT IS  UP WITH YOU, AMERICA? DON'T CHU KNOW WHAT TALENT IS ALL ABOUT? I barfed.

Eventually, I got over it. I was cheering for Casey baby Abrams for weeks, the jazz singer who the judges saved this season. Oh, Casey is one hot singer and bass player, his voice is like sex in my ears! But on the season's Top 5 performance, he got eliminated. Another heartbreaking moment for millions of viewers of this show. Again, I asked, WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AMERICA?

For a while, I stopped watching AI already. I just see it whenever I catch it on tv. I google the results during Friday mornings just to be updated, but overall, I may say that I had lost interest because of the recurring events.

And then I got to appreciate Haley Reinhart, the sexy siren which Randy Jackson (basing on his weekly comments) doesn't like her that much. This is it, she's my last bet, the one that I am eyeing on to bag home the title, but I was so wrong, yesterday, she was sent home. Huhu, I can't help but express how devastated I was with the results. FUCK YEAH, AMERICA! But on a lighter note, a friend told me not to worry because after her performance the other night, people will be scrambling to sign her up. :) How comforting that thought was. Way to go Haaallleeeyyyy!!!

So, what now? It's going to be a battle between 2 country singers on the season finale, Lauren Alaina, the Carrie Underwood wannabe, ugh ugh ugh and the cutie patootie, Scotty Mcreery. I cannot think of better things to say, so, I'll just leave this here. Bye.


mg said...

actually all of the finalist in this season of AI was all gool. honestly, this may be the best season. You may right. those 3 may be the best performer. me too, my bet is haley. but american idol is not just all voice. they are looking for a combination of voice and charisma. and the last two have it. hahaha. just my opinion. ^_^

Shasha said...

Dude, I may have not mentioned about the word "charisma" in this entry, but I would have to stick to what I had said, America just don't get it --they don't get how talented Paul, Casey and Haley is.

But this I realized, they don't have to be the title holder to make it to the top. :)

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