Wednesday, May 11, 2011

random stuff I had realized lately:

  • PMS is a bitch
  • Carlo said I've been so mataray these past days
  • no matter how I shield myself, I am still capable of mini-heartbreaks
  • I blabber/tweet a lot when I feel extreme emotions
  • at some point, I know I just have to stop
  • and assess myself what I really want
  • I listen a lot to Adele
  • pushing people away is my expertise
  • I lack strategic planning in playing Monopoly or any game for that matter
  • it's hard to fight the urge to click on the unfollow/block button
  • but hey, I am trying my best not to
  • and then it kind of hit me, I am still considerate after all
  • I have a lot of  should've sent messages in my draft box
  • and I intend to keep them for the time being
  • my likeness for someone is like a canned good --it has a shelf life
  • also, I do not like confrontations about feelings
  • I'm a coward, like that
  • I wanna watch Alladin again
  • I have an album art made for a mixtape but I still don't have songs for it
  • in times like these, I miss my friends irl
  • I wish I could just teleport to them
  • and maybe break my 2 year alcohol sobriety 
  • I feel like I am obliged to greet the birthday celebrant/s I see on fb
  • do you also feel the same way?
  • it's been 3 mos since I joined getglue but I haven't received any stickers yet
  • where have all my stickers gone? 
  • I love Sergio Mendes' Bridges and Rainbows End
  • it brings back certain mem'ries that I wanna go back to
  • my thoughts are really scattered that is why I opted to do bullets
  • you see what I did durr? :P


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