Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Daddy and Donuts

When my dad was still alive, I would always make lambing to him to buy donuts for me and Carlo, and being his litol girl and Carlo, his bibi, he would give in to us and buy a dozen of it. Today, I asked mommy to buy some for Carl's baon tomorrow and as I opened the box, I suddenly remembered my pops. He loves Dunkin' Donuts, bavarian filled to be precise. When he was still here, donut is a staple in the fridge because he loves eating sweets especially after his chemotherapy sessions because somehow it makes him feel better.

IDK. Will a daughter ever forget? No, I don't want to forget any part of him. I want him to live within me... because it feels so wonderful remembering him. It's like he's just around the corner, seeing me smile with eyes closed, watching me intently as I go back to those good ol'days that we had.


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