Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carlo, mi love

So, I'm back to working for 2 weeks already and Carlo, my seven year old son has been extra sweet to me these past days. It's funny because my work is just home based, so he still gets to see me on a regular basis, though cuddle times and watching tv together has been limited due to work load plus yeah, he goes to school that's why he can't stay up late during weekdays.

There were times when he would just sit on the bed with me while I do transcripts and he plays with his PSP. I know he just wants to be with me even though we are doing our own stuff. Sometimes, he would bring me chips inside the room, too concerned that his momma might be starving already; and lately, he has this favorite line that he would always tell me whenever I ask him for anything or whenever I assign him with some tasks, he would say "Mommy, wag kang mag-alala, ako ang bahala sayo!", --haha, like everything is under his control. He talks as if he's a grown-up already. Son, I hope you’ll grow up as a fine man. Last night, I told him that I'll be on graveyard shift; he told me that he'll take a nap and he asked me to wake him up by 8pm so he'll have enough energy to pull an all nighter with me. He’s only seven but he continually shows me what it’s like to be special.

Today, I finished my work earlier than expected so we spent Saturday in front of the television over chips and ice cream. He enjoys watching music videos and he loves singing-- he loves it when we sing together; Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are started playing so I stood up and started dancing, he stood up as well and then he held my hand and we were both dancing happily and crazily. Gad, I couldn't recall the last time I danced with someone. It's ecstatic, I tell you. I love the way he shows me how much he loves me. It’s a nice feeling that in between work, Carlo is there to put a smile on my face. I know I’ve said this too many times already but I just feel so blessed having him in my life. I am overjoyed.


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