Tuesday, September 27, 2011

journal, sketchbook, etc.

Course, I had failed to fulfill my promise to put into account the ~interesting~ things that will unfold in my life this 2011, I am so sorry, mi dear journal for neglecting you these past months. I had just been so very busy and engrossed with a lot of school stuff that I wasn't able to pause for a while and savor each moment and later on jot it down on you. But hey, it's not too late yet! We can still do some catching up, yes? ;) Besides, the awesome year that is 2011 is not yet over! :D

You see, you're back on my bed again! This time, no more promises, but I guess, I should just have to exert some effort like Carlo does on his ~artworks~ Lels. Lately, Carl has been doing a lot of sketching and coloring --the reason why our bed sheet is full of oil pastel stains, ah, but it's all good. :) He's also been vocal that he wants to be an ~artist~ when he grows up, hihi. Whatever you want, son! I got yer back! 

Carlo said, "One day, I will draw you, mommy!" and I was like, all smiles when I heard of it. Let's see. Let's wait for that one day he's saying. I love you always and forever, Carlo! :)


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