Friday, September 09, 2011

because a daughter will never ever forget

Two years ago, someone so dear to me died of cardiopulmonary arrest after undergoing a major operation in relation to his colorectal cancer. I remember receiving that very phone call from my mom at around 3:30 in the morning, my heart jumped and in that moment, I knew, I knew that he’s about to leave us already. We rushed to the hospital to see him, he was in the I.C.U. and I was just staring at him and all these cords and apparatuses connected on his body and yes, it took a while for things to sink in to me. Someone told me that the very last sense to go is hearing, I talked to him and I knew he was listening to me, like he always did when I feel down. I saw tears from the sides of his eyes and it truly broke me into pieces. For the last time, I kissed him goodbye.

To the man who had taught me about sentence construction, to the man who always bought me coloring books and crayons, to the man who introduced The Beatles, Cat Stevens, John Denver, Stevie Wonder, Queen and Ray Charles to me, to the man who played the guitar and sung me songs of life and love, to the man who brings me to school and carries my bag even if I was in high school already, to the man who knows I love books over clothes, to the man who had stood by me in all my choices –good or bad, to the man who was so cool and would hang-out with my friends over beer and talks and laughter in between, to the man who accepted me, without hesitation when he found out I got pregnant at 19, to the man who always gave me my cravings during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy, to the man who sat down with me and held my hands when I was nursing my broken heart, to the man who always told me that everything will be just fine,  to the man who let my son experience what a father should be like, to the man who braved the storms with me, to the man who stayed so strong for us despite the battle he has to go through, to the man who fought for his life until the very end,  I love you so much, daddy! You’re mem’ries will always be with me and I will be forever thankful for those wonderful 26 years I got to share with you! 


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