Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was surprised when Mr. LBC guy texted this morning asking me for directions to our house, he said there’s a packet, packet, packet full of sunshine addressed to me.
As he handed it to me, I felt giddy upon seeing the sender’s name. Every year, it is Aldrin’s tradition to give his friends the Starbuck’s planner. I think I was the 12th in his list and I really wasn’t expecting that he’ll be able to send it just in time for the new year. Now, do the math on how many coffee he takes in a day! Yay at the palpitations! 
In the past years, I admit that I had rarely written on my journals. Yeah, for obvious reason— I am too lazy to jot down what’s happening to me every day. Since I think I also couldn’t accomplish Project 365, I promise to just put into account everything that will happen in 2011. I know it’s gonna be awesome! 2011 has got to be awesome! You have to be awesome! Hear that?


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