Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photodump January-February

Hi reader! It's the finals month already and yes, my thesis and all the other things in between are taking so much of my time that I don't get to at least write something about my so wonderful life, haha! Hai Pamey, I am back! :))

The end of January was pretty tough and stressful. Carlo was confined  due to some infection.
 I took refuge on this: 
Psalm 119:76 
May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant. 
And of course, God remained faithful, after 4 days, he was discharged! :)

2 days before my final defense came this unexpected problem on my manuscript, I must admit, I got really devastated and was pretty emotional about it. Loved ones and friends from church prayed for me. You see how blessed I am to have all these people in my life? God reminded me in this time of trial to cast my cares unto Him and He will sustain me (Psalms 55:22); and because God is able, he renewed my strength and made the impossible, possible! :D 

It is a delight to see it that I am almost halfway done with my inspirational  photo wall project. 

Our home has been pretty quiet since the passing of my lola last January and I am just glad that my cousin, Arianne (though she could be really loud and annoying at times, but yeah, still fun to be with) is staying with us for the meantime.

This is an appreciation photo because Jollibee's tuna pie is baaaccckkk and I hope it stays for good because it's just so gooey and so yummy!!!

Made these goodies for my friends. I pat myself for this cute idea, hihi. :)
 Oh, you can print free labels here.

Macaroons for the hearts day~

Inspiring young women at church. ♥♥

"God wants us to experience a secure, lasting, and fulfilling relationship. " -Pastor Adrian

I am excited!

I bought this book 13 months ago due to impulse only, but last Sunday, I felt like it was already time for me to read it. I am learning a lot from Mr. Harris, here's one of my favorite lines from the book:
God wants us to appreciate the gifts of the present season of our lives. He wants us to learn the patience and trust necessary to wait for His perfect timing in all things, including our love lives.

These Mexican treats are the easiest to prepare, I miss cooking a lot alreadyyy!!!

I was cleaning this spot at 1 am, how weird can I be? Ah, hormones!

Until my next blog-worthy post, hrhr!

Charm ♥♥


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