Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tryna be a food blogger or NOT

Haiiii! I still exist! And yes, I've been M.I.A. again because of  too much stuff to do in school, and hurrah, it's our thesis year already! You read it right! My 3rd year in college is dedicated on researching, printing, revising, surveying, computing, defending and all the works you can imagine in thesis making. I am so thrilled because I only have 3 semesters left and it's goodbye university already! 

In other news, I had discovered a decent hang-out place in our town through 4square,  whenever the GPS is on, it kept on detecting this Nanot's Spaghetti House and I wondered where it was located and then one time Carlo and I were walking along some street here and  then hallelujah, there it was! Presenting my current favorite place, tanaaannnn!!!

Ze facade
Good thing that they have tables outside for the smokers.

Ze interior~ 
I like the dining set, it makes you feel like you're just in your grandparentals' home. 
The place is tiny which makes eating more intimate, LOL, intimate~

They do not just serve pastas, their menu goes from various sandwiches, salads, sizzling and rice, American, Japanese and Mexican dishes, which are really affordable and sumptuous! :)  Here are some of  mi favoritos!

cheese french fries, crab meat and cheese sticks and their deconstructed nacho salad

chicken fingers and fries --Carlo's favorite

chili and cheese sticks is P10.00 each

goddamn! this is sooo delish!

Carbonara is so tasty!

Fettucine and chicken @ P93.50 only!

Nanot's Spaghetti



walang kasawa-sawa :))

chicken teriyaki

California maki tastes so fresh and so delish!

Mocha, Cafe Latte (my favorite), Strawberry and Black Forest Shake
@ only P 48.50 per serving

Sansrival, Choco Lava, Choco-Caramel Lava
Ah, I love sweets and I am just so delighted that they started serving desserts already! 

It's fun to have a place like this in Santa Cruz, it's a nice break from the fast food junks we get to eat on lazy days. I am looking forward to their pizzas which the owner said will be available soon. The crews are accommodating and friendly. The powder room is always clean. For the nth time, lemme say, the food is really nomz and affordable and FATTENNNIIIIGGGG!!! :))

Visit Nanot's Spaghetti House at F. Sario St. Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Contact Numbers: 501-3799/ 572-0106


Anonymous said...

Will definitely check this out soon.

Perrine Renoir said...

nice start! :)

Shasha said...

Hi Perrine! It took forever for my reply, haha, thank you for reading! :)

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