Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 1st semester in bullets:

  • I was so thrilled to go back to school. I may say, this milestone was the most amazing thing that has ever happened so far in 2011.
  • I had conquered my fear with skirts which I had worn 5x a week because really, I'm a jeans' person.
  • Thank God because we are changing our uniform this second sem, ohai, white slacks! 
  • I had gained friends who are way younger than I am and they made me feel that I am capable of being a BIG sister to them.
  • I met TJ who made this semester so much fun than I had ever expected it to be. NO, I AM NOT A COUGAR!
  • I got to share my inner thoughts with this person, I am blessed for having him around.
  • I had learned to appreciate the life that I have  and the utmost support I am getting from those people who genuinely loves me.
  • I became more organized with my files aka handouts, etc.
  • I had became more carefree, jolly, and young at heart.
  • I had learned to love Statistics and even topped every major exams that I took, ehem! :P
  • I developed a study habit which really worked for me.
  • I had learned to become more tolerable of the people around me, but cheating your partner is not counted.
  • I got another chance on becoming a better student this time.
  • There were rare moments that I don't understand some kids in school but what the hale, I had been stupid as well before.
  • If they have to learn the hard way, so be it! Let them be!
  • OMG! I love Psychology!
  • I had learned the value of time. 2014, please come quick! Ooops.
  • I was informed that irregular students can't make it to the Dean's List despite having the required GWA.
  • Also, you have to be a resident of the school for 2 years in able to be included in the list.
  • Which is kind of sad. Ugh, I had always dreamed of making my momma proud but, oh well, rules are rules.
  • I had only read one paperback this semester, that explains how busy I had been.
  • But yeah, I have time for the innernet. Fine, I am sarreh!
Oh Lord, thank you for the wonderful 1st semester that has been and for the amazing people that I had made friends with along the way. BRB, bracing myself for ze 2nd sem and the 30units I have to take.


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