Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shasha's day in bullets:

  • my neighbors were in a festive mood 'til the wee hours of the morning
  • and I was not able to get enough sleep because a) they were too noisy b) mother goose washed my blanket (which I would love to smell until I doze off)
  • been re-reading my old Cosmo books (yes, I have quite a few, to please not judge me) I don't know, it just gives me that kilig feeling
  • Vince's Life takes me back to our old house in Quiapo where all the good things happened in my life, K. I am getting sentimental again
  • I set the alarm clock at 4am but ended up getting up at around 5ish
  • continued reviewing for my midterm exam in Statistics, P.E. and Computer
  • Carlo told me to have breakfast with him, mom prepared baconsilog
  • oh, how I missed waking up early <3
  • at around 7am, I decided to take a nap
  • woke up at around 9am to prepare for school
  • met TJ at Mcdo, we go to school together, like that!
  • see, I've learned to love Stat because of its not so complex formulas but why did I feel so tired and drained after the test?
  • because you've given too much of your time, your heart and your soul to those problems, Shasha! YOUR TIME, YOUR HEART AND YOUR SOULLLL!!!
  • I did not take that 1 hour break and decided to just proceed with the rest of my exams
  • I really want to get it over and done with already
  • also, I want to go home and rest
  • TJ and I went grocery shopping for our energy kit while reviewing
  • took a bath
  • I just can't resist my cravings for isaw, so I tagged Carlo along and we went to this ihawan place which I discovered through my friend, Cha-Anne, they sell the best isaw in Laguna!
  • just when my prof in Theories of Personality and Human Development texted me and told me that she'll be moving our exams next week
  • and yes, why am I so dumb to go there just when I was so fresh and clean already?
  • there's a fogging at school on Friday so YAAAYYY!!! Long weekend! :)
  • but you know what? there's this part in me that still wonders what happened to us?
  • we do not talk anymore
  • it's like we're strangers. again. LOL.
  • srsly, I just miss you 


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